LG could be working on a hybrid smartwatch with cellular connectivity

LG Hybrid Watch

We’ve heard of Samsung working on a version of the Gear 2 with cellular connectivity in South Korea. And even LG has been rumored to be working on a similar offering ever since the G Watch was unveiled. And we’ve just stumbled across a patent application filed by the manufacturer, revealing a smartwatch capable of receiving or sending out phone calls and text messages.

The images available from the corresponding patent filing shows that the design isn’t all that different compared to the G Watch. It’s not specified if the device will require a SIM card on its own, but since it is expected to handle phone calls and texts, it is obvious that the device will require a separate SIM card. Sadly,  there’s no word on the hardware specifications of this smartwatch at the moment.

It will be interesting to see how this would work out for LG, especially considering the fact that they’ve only recently entered the wearables segment. The patent was filed at the USPTO, so this could be a worldwide offering and not just limited to South Korea like Samsung’s Gear Solo smartwatch.

LG Hybrid Watch -1

Source: Patently Mobile

Via: Android Authority