Leak suggests the LG G3 Prime could already be in the making

LG G3 Prime

While the LG G3 is yet to officially launch around the world, we’re already hearing of a possible successor to the smartphone or perhaps a slightly upgraded variant. Bluetooth SIG has revealed the existence of a device bearing the model number LG-F460S. Considering a previous leak with the model number LG-F460L, it goes without saying that this is a carrier variant of the same device.

What’s interesting about the previously leaked smartphone however is the fact that it was shown to be featuring a Snapdragon 805 chipset and an LTE modem with support for download speeds of up to 225 Mbps. Since these features are missing from the G3, it’s fair to assume that what we have here is indeed an upgraded model. There’s still no confirmation if the device is actually a premium version of the smartphone as we’ve merely connected the dots from previous leaks.

But it goes without saying that LG is hard at work to bring the next best thing to the market and will not want to end with the LG G3. The one area where the LG G3 is lacking is in terms of the chipset inside, but not by much since Snapdragon 801 is still being used in most flagship handsets. But a chipset upgrade will certainly be on LG’s mind while working on its upcoming flagship.

Source: Bluetooth SIG

Via: G for Games