Instagram could have its own Snapchat spinoff

Instagram Bolt -1

Facebook launched Slingshot as a rival to the Snapchat app. However, some users of Instagram are reportedly getting notifications to try out a new image sharing service called Bolt, which in theory would be pretty identical to Snapchat and Slingshot.

This makes things slightly complicated as Facebook owns Instagram and since they only recently launched Slingshot, it wouldn’t make sense to bring a similar offering this early. This either indicates that Facebook is having second thoughts about Slingshot or perhaps Bolt is just a beta project that the company is working on. But either way, it’s quite clear that Facebook is taking this pretty seriously and Slingshot might not be the company’s last attempt to take on Snapchat.

The screenshots describe Bolt as a “one-tap photo messaging” app, which is quite indicative of what the company has in mind. Facebook is yet to make a comment on this new revelation. What’s your take on Bolt? Would you be interested in yet another instant photo sharing service?

Instagram Bolt

Source: @yo_areli – Twitter

Via: Pocketnow

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