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Here’s a look at Lenovo’s Google Glass rival

Lenovo Glass

With the Explorer Edition Google Glass already available in the market, it is only natural for others to follow suit. What we’re seeing now is coming from Chinese manufacturer Lenovo with the finished product expected to hit the markets by October. The company is also expecting to team up with hardware partners who are interested in offering help with wearables like these. So in that sense, Lenovo’s approach to the wearables segment is quite different from Google’s.

As you can see, Lenovo hasn’t really put too much thought into the design and it’s exactly the same as Google Glass. The key difference however is that the battery of the unit is located right at the bottom which wraps around the neck. So it’s certainly not going to be as compact as Glass.

Lenovo has also partnered with American manufacturer Vuzix to bring its MX100 smartglasses to China. This will be available starting August-September for a price of $1,291 (8,000 CNY). This is of course separate from the offering just announced by Lenovo, which means we’ll have multiple wearables to look forward to in the coming days.

The Lenovo smartglass should be exclusive to China during its early days, but we expect it to be available on a global level as the months pass, maybe in time for the commercial release of Google Glass.

Source: PC World

Via: Talk Android

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