Google to rename Play Music All Access

Play Music

The Google Play Music All Access service is quite a neat offering as it provides users unlimited access to music across various devices. However, the naming has been short of innovative and struggles to roll off our tongues well. And it is now believed that Google is looking to make a change by simply calling it Google Play unlimited music subscription.

We’re not sure if that’s making it less complicated, but it’s certainly getting the point across much better. By removing the All Access moniker and calling it the unlimited music subscription service, Google will make it easier for new customers to comprehend what the service is all about. As for the length of the name, that is something the users will have to get used to, which shouldn’t be much trouble really.

The change will be done behind the scenes and might not even warrant an official announcement from Google. Here’s an excerpt from the Google support page which confirms the change in name – “A Google Play unlimited music subscription (previously known as Google Play Music All Access) entitles subscribers to listen to unlimited music from the song titles available within Google Play on a monthly basis.”

So what do you think about this new change? Easier to understand or making it more complicated?

Source: Google Support

Via: Android Police