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Google Play Store 4.9.13 Rolling Out With Material Design

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Last month during Google I/O, Google announced that with Android L, a new Material Design language would be coming to Android. Some of it already has, in the form of a new Play Store update, version 4.9.13.

Not everything has been updated with the new Material Design language however. The most notable areas that have not been updated are the main page once you open the app and search.


The portions of the app that have been updated are individual content pages for apps and other media. This has taken place in the all the main content sections and is notably different from before.

There are other improvements as well. When you tap on an app description, it now goes into its own fullscreen mode instead of the section expanding like before. Changelogs have also been relocated to this area if you have not installed the app. And if an app has a video trailer, it will now appear at the top of the app’s page instead of buried inside of the gallery like before.


If you have installed an app, changelogs will remain in the place they always have been, below the app description. But if you have not installed an app and it has been updated, you will have to go into the full description of the app to see the changelog. Also moved to this section are the date of last update, APK size, current version, “Top Developer” text, and content rating.



The privacy policy and the visit [developer] webpage links no longer show the full URL of the webpages they take you to. There are other UI improvements as well.

The dedicated share button in the top bar has been relocated to a button below the featured reviews for content, along with the +1 button. Though those are now below the reviews, if you have someone in your circles who has +1’d content, their bubbled avatar will still appear alongside the star rating and review count of content.

Now since some of the pages have been updated and others will not, it’s presumable that as we get closer to Android L’s final release this fall, the Play Store will continue to get other pages updated.

Since this is a staged rollout, it will be rolled out selectively to users over the next few days to weeks. But if you would like to install the update now, you can download the APK from here. Does the rollout of Material Design get you excited for Android L’s final release later this year?

Source: Google via Android Police

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