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Google Now gets occasional reminders option

Google Now Reminders

The reminder option on Google Now is quite nifty and useful in almost every situation. But what if you want to be reminded of something only occasionally and not at a specific time or date? Well, Google has you covered for that as well with a recently made change to Google Now. With this addition, users will be able to see a new “occasionally” option under “When”, which was previously limited to setting a specific date such as Today, Tomorrow etc.

Once a reminder is set, it will show up on the top of the pile where you can find other reminders as well. Google hasn’t mentioned as to when these occasional reminders will be alerted to the users, which means it could be any time, probably when you least expect it. While this might not be used as frequently as the standard reminder options, it’s certainly good to know that Google has this setting by default now. But we’re afraid it will remain a mere novelty feature. What do you think?

Via: Android Police

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