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How To Fix Verizon HTC One M7 Problems and Errors

We’ve been receiving a lot of emails from HTC One owners lately so we couldn’t just turn our backs to them. In this post, I addressed 8 problems and questions sent to us through email by Verizon subscribers who were having issues with their phones. Majority of the problems cited here are minor and so far, we haven’t received emails asking how to solve complicated problems.

For those who are currently bugged by a problem or two, feel free to email us at and we will do our best to respond through posts like this. Please include all important details of the problem(s) so that we’ll know where to start and how to fix them.

Phone battery drains a lot faster in HTC One

Q: Hi Droid guy, I have a new HTC One as a gift from my grandchildren, it’s connected to Verizon. I was using an S3 before so I am able to compare the length of time when to charge my phone after some light usage. Well, my new HTC seems to be having some power issues because it now loses battery a lot faster compared to my S3 before. I don’t use my phone for games. I normally browse news sites only and I always keep sure they’re minimal. The problem is that battery life appears to go down the drain quicker now and it starts to annoy me. Is this normal for HTC One? — Ronald

A: Hi Ronald. HTC One, just like other popular smartphones today, have a big screen and usually that is the main reason why the battery dries up a lot quickly. Other factors, of course, can cause this problem like rogue apps, other hardware issues, or software issues. Some fixes work for some people while others find different solutions for exact same symptoms you’re experiencing right now. In order to help us narrow down the problem, I’m going to give sets of troubleshooting steps to try.

The first one is to determine if this is being caused by rogue apps. We need you set your phone to Safe Mode to do this. Safe Mode allows your phone to run only essential applications thereby helping you determine if apps are draining the battery faster. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Press the Power button briefly to turn the device one.
  3. As the phone reboots, press and hold Volume down button until it loads the operating system and the “Safe Mode” label shows on the lower part of the screen.
  4. Observe the phone for a day while it is in Safe Mode so you’ll know if apps are causing the battery problem. If that’s the case, try to remove apps individually until you can isolate which one is causing the issue.

Another thing that you can do, if the above solution will not work, is to clear the cache partition and have the phone restart while in Hboot screen.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Battery
  3. Uncheck Fast Boot
  4. Turn the phone off
  5. Press and hold Volume down while turning on the phone
  6. Release the Volume down button once the boot loader appears
  7. Select Recovery using the Volume button
  8. Press the Power button
  9. Once a red triangle with an “!” in the middle appears, press and hold Volume up button
  10. Press the Power button once then release the Volume up button
  11. Use Volume down button to select “Wipe Cache Partition”
  12. Press the Power button briefly
  13. Press the Power button to select highlighter “Reboot System”

Don’t worry, doing the steps above will not delete any of your personal data so it safe to perform.

Should the problem continue, there’s a chance that the issue may be the battery itself. Try to get a new one or get a phone replacement entirely, if possible.

Forgot screen lock pattern in HTC One

Q: My name is Romeo. I’ve been playing with the settings on my phone one night when I discovered that I couldn’t log back in because I forgot the screen pattern to do it. I think I’ve attempted multiple times and I’m at a loss now how to get back in. I tried calling Verizon but I had to wait for 30 minutes to an hour before getting a rep who would tell you to factory reset the phone immediately. What should I do?

A: Hi Romeo. There’s an easy fix to unlock your phone. For security reason, Android implemented a feature wherein a user is only permitted to try to enter the screen lock pattern five times before the phone totally locks itself up. However, a user can still try to unlock the device after the fifth attempt by entering his or her Google Account username and password.

  1. Enter the lock pattern on the screen
  2. After the fifth attempt, wait for 30 seconds then tap “OK”
  3. After the screen shuts off, press the Power button to turn it back on
  4. Try to unlock the screen again, then tap Forgot pattern? Button once it appears.
  5. Enter your Google Account username and password
  6. Tap Sign in
  7. Select a new screen lock pattern
  8. If you choose not to use the screen lock pattern, press the back button to go back to the main screen

Can’t find the files sent from HTC One to laptop through Bluetooth

Q: I tried sending a set of files to my laptop from HTC One phone via Bluetooth but I can’t seem to find them. Is there a special folder in my laptop that stores files from specific device type like smartphones? I’ve checked almost all my download folders and my desktop but I’m not going anywhere.

I find sending the files through Bluetooth convenient because I have some older phones that has Bluetooth enabled. I would greatly appreciate it if you can help me with this. I don’t have much time to look for solutions online (and not that good in fishing for solutions in the web). I find your site really helpful because it offers solutions to otherwise unique problems. Thanks in advance. And by the way, I’m a Verizon customer if that matters — Ryle

A: Hi Ryle. Good thing you contacted us about this. When you send data from your phone to your computer using Bluetooth, your computer usually creates a folder for a certain type of information it’s receiving. For example, a contact or calendar event is usually added straight to the available application on your computer like a calendar or contact list apps.

For information sent through Bluetooth, the same principle applies so it’s safe to assume that your computer keeps the data it received from your phone in the Bluetooth Exchange folder, which is located in the personal document folders.

I’m assuming your laptop runs Windows so here are the paths you can try to check for a specific operating system:

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\My Documents\Bluetooth Exchange
  • Windows Vista: C:\Users\[your username]\Documents
  • Windows 7: C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Bluetooth Exchange Folder
  • Windows 8: C:\Users\[your username]\Documents

Some files like image files are saved on a different location so if you sent photos to your laptop, you may want to check default folders that usually store images.

Duo Effects not working anymore on Verizon HTC One M7

Q: Hi. I’m a big fan of HTC One because of its amazing Duo Effects feature. I am fond of taking pictures and editing them afterwards on my phone, while on the go, is great stress-reliever for me. I don’t use any third party editing app because Duo Effects work to my satisfaction all the time…until my daughter borrowed my phone a bit so she can take some pictures with friends.

I don’t know how to say this but obviously Duo Effects looks to be not working anymore. I’m looking for a description but I can’t right now. All I know is that the desired effects I’m looking at before are no longer there. I asked by daughter if she changed the settings but she can’t also remember those. I know this problem is maybe a li’l insignificant but I’m actually inches from stomping the phone with my phone. I mean, come on, I need it to work like it should. Can you help me? — Jessie

A: Hi Jessie. We can see that this feature means so much more for you but there’s no need to do something drastic there. Since you are unable to describe what specific thing is missing, it’s best that you go over the things that we list for you to be able to narrow down the problem. Make sure to check each item for a quick resolution. Any of them can cause the problem:

  1. Check if the image you’re trying to edit was taken using the phone’s front camera.
  2. One or both lens were blocked while trying to take the picture.
  3. Camera capture mode was not used when taking the photo. Keep in mind that Duo Effects only works with Camera capture mode.
  4. The scene was never set to Auto.
  5. The photo was shot in poor lighting condition.
  6. The flash was set to on when taking the picture.
  7. The camera may be too close to the subject, or you may have accidentally zoomed it in.
  8. The photo you’re trying to edit is cropped.
  9. The photo you’re trying to use Duo Effects on has already been edited once. Duo Effects can only be used once on the same photo.

You may want to know more about Duo Effects by reading this link ( for details. I find this article helpful in resolving my own questions about Duo Effects before.

Getting static on calls using HTC One (Verizon)

Q: I use my phone a lot for calls because of the nature of my business. Lately, I noticed that it hasn’t been working right. Calls are getting dropped all of a sudden or most annoyingly, I get static when I or someone on the other line speaks. I didn’t drop or wet my phone so it must not be a hardware problem. I always take care of my things esp those useful for my business and I consider my HTC One as a very important tool. I have tried calling my service provider for a fix but all they’re saying is that theirs is no network problem whatsoever. This has been going on for weeks now. Is there something that I can do to fix this? I love this phone and before I will ask for a replacement, I want to know if there’s anything that I can do to continue using it like it was before. Please help. — Nikolai

A: Hi Nikolai. Sometimes, environmental factors like changes in audio levels or interference can cause the symptoms you’ve described. It’s good to know that you called your service provider to check the network status. This means that we may be able to fix this problem by simply updating your device to the latest software version available. We’ve been keeping tabs of issues like these and they are usually fixed by a software update.

To do an update, please do the following: Go to Home screen and tap Applications > Scroll to Settings and select it > Tap About > Tap Software information.

View the Software number (the latest software as of this update is 5.14.531.1. if your phone shows a different version, make sure to update it.

Update your phone Over-the-Air (OTA) by following on-screen prompts. Make sure to restart the device afterwards. Do note that your service provider will determine when your device will receive the update.

Update the software by downloading and installing it. You must connect to HTC servers to be able to do this. Go to Home screen and tap All apps icon > Select Settings > Tap About > Select Software update > Tap check for updates > Tap OK to confirm the download > Follow instructions on the screen > Restart the phone.

Keep in mind that the phone’s battery must have: 50% or higher, memory space is 695 MB or bigger, stable internet/data connection.

Yahoo email not working on Verizon HTC One (M7)

Q: I just signed up to Yahoo email after using Google Mail for over 6 years. I have no problems with gmail on my phone but when I setup yahoo on it, it appears the phone takes a long time to display my emails. It also doesn’t sync the mails in a timely manner leading me to think that I may have missed something during the set up. Can you help me? – Russell

A: Hi Russell. You may be one of the unlucky Yahoo users affected by this problem. The problem lies in the default values in the email app of HTC One designed seemingly designed as not that friendly to Yahoo. This is a known issue with Yahoo and they have provided a solution to fix this problem: Go to Home > Tap Apps > Select the Mail icon > Tap Other (POP3/IMAP) > Type in your Yahoo credentials.

If you continue to encounter errors, please do these steps:

Step 1: Tap Manual Setup

Step 2: Tap IMAP

Step 3: Enter the following server setting information:

3.1: Incoming server:

3.2: Port #: 993

3.3: Security type: SSL (accepts all certificates)

3.4: Outgoing Server:

3.5: Port #: 465

Step 4: Keep all of the other settings the same

Step 5: Complete the setup process

Preventing notifications from unsecured networks

Q: Hi droid guy, I have my phone for months now, it’s an HTC One the first model from Verizon, but I’m still learning how to use it. I’m quite busy with my job that I don’t even have enough time to browse the internet using my phone. My problem (perhaps it’s not a problem) is that I often get notifications when my phone detects available Wi-Fi networks within range. When I’m at home, I have my own Wi-Fi access point but my phone can detect 5 or 6 other networks from my neighbors. When I’m at work, I connect to my company’s network but I also receive tons of notifications of available networks in the vicinity. I don’t want to be notified about those connections. So, is there a way to turn that off from my phone or is it even possible? Thanks a lot. – Melanie

A: Hi Melanie! Yes, you can actually turn that off. There is a setting in your phone that handles that kind of function. Here’s how…

  • Slide the Notifications panel open, and then touch Settings.
  • Touch the Off/On switch next to Wi-Fi.
  • Touch Wi-Fi. Detected Wi‑Fi networks will be listed.
  • Touch and hold an unsecured Wi‑Fi network you want stop being notified about, and touch Block network notification.
  • To unblock an unsecured Wi‑Fi network, touch and hold the network name and touch Unblock network notification.

I hope this can help you.

How to prevent some apps that aren’t suitable for kids

Q: I have a 5-year-old son who often uses my phone at night and it is an HTC One. I think it’s the M7 model. Basically, I have a lot of apps that I don’t want him to use. There is a couple of apps that I use for banking and my credentials are saved so I don’t have to log in every time I use them. I don’t want my kid to accidentally access that app and do something that I might regret. You might say that I shouldn’t let him play with my phone…well, that’s a feasible solution but you see, I don’t want my son to feel alienated because of that. What I’m asking is that, is it even possible to restrict him from using some apps? Thanks. – Gilroy

A: Actually, the HTC One M7 has Kids Mode. It lets you set up a safe mode for allowing young children to use your phone without accessing applications or anything you don’t want them to. It sounds like this is the answer to your question. Here’s how to set your phone up for Kids Mode…

Step 1: Slide the Notifications panel open, and then touch Settings > Security > Kid Mode.

Step 2: Select an item to customize your Kid Mode settings:

2.1: Parent Dashboard to set up profiles for one or more kids, including apps, locks, art, storybooks, and other settings.

2.2: Allow incoming calls to toggle incoming calls on or off while in Kid Mode.

2.3: Child Lock to select a lock option for exiting Kid Mode.

I hope this answers most of your questions about limiting your child’s activity on your phone.

How to change the style of my lock screen

Q: I am retired and I spent most of my time at home. My daughter gave me a smartphone, HTC One, and I’m still learning everything I could. I just have a question, how can I change the way the screen appears when I lock it? I don’t like the default appearance so if there’s a way to go around changing the appearance, that would be great. Thanks a lot guys. – Johnny

A: Yes, there’s a way to “personalize” your phone’s lock screen. Just follow these steps please…

  • Slide down the Notifications panel, and then touch Settings > Personalize.
  • In Display, touch Lock screen style.
  • Slide your finger left or right to choose a lock screen style.
  • Touch the lock screen style to see a preview. If you want to further customize it, touch Settings, customize your view, and then touch Done.
  • Touch Apply to apply the new style.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. Thanks.

Phone freezes because of an installed app

Q: Hello droid guy, I have a problem. I installed an app from the Play Store on my new phone, HTC One M7, and after that my phone keeps hanging and sometimes it freezes and it would take minutes before it can be used again. Shortly after it works fine, it would hang again then freezes. I can barely do a thing in it. The worst thing is I can’t even finish typing my message. What would you suggest I do to fix this problem? – Hansel

A: I don’t know what’s in that app that you’re still keeping it in your phone after all those troubles you’ve been through because of that. My suggestion is uninstall it. There’s no point is keeping an app that causes problems to your phone.

  • Slide the Notifications panel open, and then touch Settings > Apps.
  • Swipe to the Downloaded, Running, or All tab, and then touch the application you want to uninstall.
  • On the App info screen, touch Uninstall.
  • Touch OK to confirm.

I hope you get my point.

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