How To Fix Sprint HTC One M7 Problems and Errors

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This is the first part of our Sprint HTC One M7 Problems and Solutions series and there could be more posts like this to follow. The problems I cited here were raised by our readers who emailed us. All of them are minor except for one that I, too, can’t explain–the Play Store 403 error.

Please browse through this post if you are an HTC One M7 owner under Sprint and currently bugged with a problem or two. If you think your problems weren’t addressed in this post, feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can include your problems in our research. I also urge you to join our Facebook and Google+ communities as we also use those media to cater the needs of our readers.

HTC One overheating tips

Problem: Hi Droidguy. I enjoy reading your tips and articles about smartphones, especially for HTC devices. I have an HTC One, the first model from Sprint, now and I think it’s overheating because it gets uncomfortably hot from time to time. I use my phone for gaming, browsing, and calling. It is usually on for 24 hours every day and but it’s not in use most of the time. I’ve read somewhere that overheating phones can damage the battery. I obviously don’t want that to happen to my phone or battery and I expect this device to last longer than 2 years. I’ve had it for 4 months only. Do you have any tips on how to avoid overheating my HTC One? — Charlie

Solution: Hi Charlie. We are glad that you contact us about this. We are planning to write articles that would answer this type of question in the future but for now, please see the points below on how to avoid overheating your device.

  1. Make use of Power Saving mode. Newly released Android phones including your HTC should have this useful feature. Basically, Power Saving mode tells your phone to slow down in crunching numbers happening in its processor. For HTC, this feature lowers the speed of the processor from 1.7 GHz to 1.1 GHz and disables wireless connections when the phone is hibernating or not in use. It also lowers the maximum brightness of the screen to a minimum.
  2. Close apps you are not using. This may sound easy but it’s usually the most common cause why a battery losses a charge faster, or in some instances, causes more heat in smartphones. The more apps running, the faster the processor needs to operate to meet the demand, which in turn produces heat inside. Make sure to close applications you don’t need to prolong battery life and minimize heat.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, and other wireless capabilities. Just like other apps, your phones wireless capability demands processing power so it’s best to keep them off if you don’t use them. Always check that they are not on by default.
  4. Minimize gaming. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to enjoy the huge gaming potential of your HTC One. This suggestion is given to simply remind you that gaming consumes huge amount of processing power so if you’re on the road and may take you a while to reach a charging station, make sure to watch your battery levels closely. Also, keep gaming to at least an hour for each session and to allow your phone to cool off for at least 30 minutes before using it again for gaming.
  5. Turn off automatic synchronization. Social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc as well as email apps constantly communicates to servers to get the latest information, thereby causing the phone to also use the processor often. Check your apps and see which of them do not need updates often. We would recommend that you only ask for updates if you are actually using the apps. Ensure that auto-sync feature are off all the time.

Scratch on rear-facing camera of HTC One

Problem: Hi, I recently bought an HTC One M7 and have taken very good care of it. Although I have been extremely careful, the rear facing cameras have become scratched to the point of seriously affecting the picture quality. Upon doing an internet search on this issue, I’ve found out I’m not alone and it has something to do with the coating on the rear lenses. I have found several suggestions that range from using toothpaste, to brasso or even the edge of a credit card to scrape the coating off, but I’m sure you can understand why I would be very dubious about resorting to any of these methods. Do you know of anything that would remedy this please as my camera is basically useless. Regards, Chris.

Solution: Hi Chris. This problem is one of the most complained about issues for HTC One. The problem is obviously not on the primary or secondary camera hardware but on the glass lens that protects the camera. It’s clear that the lens can get scratched pretty easily even if the phone is being handled properly.

Some users have even complained about their camera lens shattering even if the device was never dropped. Although HTC has never confirmed this problem, they are actually offering replacements for affected units. The company has not provided any solution for this issue so the best option is to either get a replacement from a retailer or from HTC.

Google accounts not syncing when using HTC One

Problem: Hello Droid guys. I just read your article “how to fix common HTC M7 problems” and found it very inspiring. I also am experiencing problems synching my Google photos, Google Play movies & TV, Google Play Newsstand and most of all my Google People details have not synched in over a month. When I first discovered this I did a factory reset to start all over but the problem persists. (I also tried your the suggestions you made for the “Google+ photos auto backup not working” and that didn’t work either) I am wondering if you have heard any other problems like this as it seems that I am not the only one. I know that you are probably really busy, but if you find the time, I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you. — Timothy

Solution: Hi Timothy. It looks like your HTC One is having difficulty syncing all your Google-related accounts. While not exactly common, assuming that you have a stable Wi-Fi or data connection on your device, this issue happens from time to time. We’ve have outlined some steps for you below to try to fix this problem.

  1. Scroll to and tap Settings
  2. Tap Accounts & Sync
  3. Tap Add icon
  4. Tap Google
  5. Select Existing (a Gmail email address is a Google account)
  6. Enter your email and password
  7. Read the ToS and tap OK
  8. Check or uncheck Google services message as desired (in case another Google account is logged in to the phone, a synchronization settings for a new account will be provided)
  9. Select more sync settings as desired
  10. Tap account
  11. Check or uncheck sync options you want then tap Back key

Can’t connect Bluetooth headset to HTC One

Problem: This may not be an android issue but a smartphone issue.  I have an HTC One M7, brand new.  But, I can’t find info on using a Bluetooth  ear piece so I can listen  to music and then answer the phone without reconfiguring. Thanks. — Jim

Solution: Hi Jim. We’re assuming that you are trying to connect your Bluetooth headset for the first time so here are the steps to do it:

  1. Pull up the Notification panel or tap Settings
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Turn on Bluetooth by using the slider
  4. Tap your device’s name and make sure it’s set to pairing or discoverable mode. Your phone will automatically scan the airwaves for available Bluetooth devices in range. Make sure first that your headset is set to Visible before doing this step. Refer to your headset manual how to do this.
  5. If the headset is not detected tap Scan for devices
  6. Once your phone detects your headset, verify the passkey for both your HTC One and headset then tap Pair. Again, refer to your headset’s manual for the default passkey.
  7. Your phone may ask for a PIN. Hit OK after entering it.

If you want to listen to music using your headset, make sure that it supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile. Check your manual if this is the case.

If you are trying to manually reconnect your headset again to your phone and the normal process is not working, please see the steps below:

  1. Tap Settings under Notification panel
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is ON
  3. Tap Bluetooth
  4. Tap the name of the headset in the Paired Devices icon
  5. If your device will ask for a passcode, try using 0000 or 1234. Refer to your manual if the codes won’t work.

HTC One music player issue

Problem: Hello I’m recently having trouble with my HTC One M7 music player. Whenever I press play then lock my phone after a couple of minutes , it stops suddenly. It also happens sometimes when I’m using the phone but mostly when I lock it. Can you please help me find a solution to this sudden stop ? — Nour Khaled

Solution: Hi Nour. Are you using the stock music player for HTC One or a third-party one? If you are using a non-stock music player, you may want to reinstall or update it to fix some bugs.

If you are using the stock music player on the other hand, please follow the steps below to fix your problem:

  1. Unplug the headphone if you are using one
  2. Restart the phone
  3. Reinsert the headphone
  4. Try to play some music or turn on FM radio
  5. While the music is playing, unplug the headphone
  6. Go to settings
  7. Tap Power and check Fast Boot option

These steps should ensure that the music player will continue to play your music without your command to stop. However, if the problem continues, you may want to do a factory reset to ensure all software bugs are cleared.

Cannot send / receive MMS messages

Problem: Hi droid guy, I have an HTC One M7 and I’m with Sprint. Recently, I cannot send MMS messages. By the time this problem happened, I also wasn’t able to receive any MMS so I assume my phone has issues sending and receiving multimedia messages. Already rebooted my phone many times but the problem persists. I’m at a loss here now and definitely need your help. I have internet connection via WiFi because I can download apps from the Play Store but I can’t understand why this is happening. Please tell me what to do to fix this problem. Thank you! — Jessa

Solution: Hello Jessa. The first thing I want you to check is the mobile data. Make sure it’s on when you send MMS. You need to be connected to Sprint’s mobile data network to send text messages with pictures or videos. Wi-Fi is not needed when it comes to MMS, just the mobile data. Also, I want you to make sure of Sprint Zone, it works every time especially for issues concerning network connectivity.

  1. Access Sprint Zone.
  2. Tap My Device.
  3. Tap Dashboard.
  4. Scroll to and tap Data Network.
  5. Your data connection status displays.
  6. Tap Update Profile.
  7. After the profile update is complete, tap OK.
  8. Test your device to see if the issue is resolved.

In case your mobile data is already enabled and you’re receiving error messages like files are too large to send, reduce the size of the picture or video you’re trying to attach to your message.

If this problem, however, happens without apparent cause, it could be just a glitch and a simple soft reset should fix it.

  1. Press and hold the Power key until your HTC One turns off.
  2. Your HTC One restarts.
  3. Test your device to see if the issue is resolved.

I hope this helps.

How can I delete message thread?

Question: Hi guys, I am an old woman and this phone that my son gave me is just giving me some headaches. It says it’s HTC One and I am using Sprint services. The phone is just fine but I have a question on how I could delete long message threads from my phone. I’m still learning how to use this phone so there are a lot of things I don’t know about just yet and deleting messages is just one of them. — Marissa

Answer: Hi Marissa, congratulations with your new phone. Don’t worry, deleting message threads is easier than you think. Please follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, tap the Messages icon.
  2. Tap and hold the preferred message thread.
  3. Tap Delete.
  4. Tap OK.
  5. You’ve now deleted the message thread.

I hope you can follow this.

Cannot download apps from the Play Store

Problem: I already called Sprint’s technical support but it seems their representatives don’t know a thing about the problem I have. Yesterday, I can download and install apps from the Play Store without any problem but today, I just can’t. There’s an error that says I can’t download the application due to an error and at the end of the sentence numbers show, 403. Do you know what kind of issue is this? I’ve already spent hours on the phone with technical reps and they can’t answer a simple question. I hope you guys know what this problem is all about. Thanks. — Katie H.

Answer: I’m sure this problem also happens to other devices across all carriers because it’s not actually a device- or carrier-specific problem, it’s and issue with Android or Google’s servers. It was earlier this year that a problem like this happened affecting millions of users and there wasn’t any explanation as to the occurrence of the problem. Google didn’t bother to explain why and manufacturers are quick to blame Google for it. The problem was actually resolved at a slower rate without interventions from users. Many reported that the problem was fixed all by itself leaving developers to think the problem is Google-side. Honestly, I, too, don’t know what this problem is all about but I talked to my friends, who are developers, about this one and they said the same thing–wait it out and it should be fixed in a few days.

That advice may sound a little absurd but it’s actually what we can do. Again, it’s not an issue with the phone or your carrier (that explains why Sprint’s reps don’t know what this is) but with Google, at least, that’s what many say. So, let’s wait it out. If my answer, however, isn’t enough for you, please visit this link and read comments posted by other users who have experienced this problem.

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  1. Htc one m7. Aborts your command immediately. When you hit the screen, it goes where you want but then returns to home screen. If you try and beat it before it returns, you can catch it 1 out of 10 times maybe? Tried all updates, apps and software. phone is at 18 months old and only 30% space used? Anything please?

  2. Download battery life repair and could not find it so tried to download again but playstore shows it as being installed on my phone already my carrier is cspire and no help there what should I do and is it worth my time on this HTC one phone

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