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How To Fix Sprint Galaxy S4 Problems and Errors [Part 2]

Welcome to the 2nd part of our Sprint Galaxy S4 Problems series. While we already published a lot of posts addressing problems of our readers that were sent to us through email, we find it necessary to publish posts that specifically support a device carried by Sprint considering we received a lot of emails from their subscribers. The problems addressed in this post, however, are minor and can be fixed by simple procedures that can be done without voiding the warranty. Problems that were apparently caused by faulty hardware need hands-on assistance from a technician.

For those who have problems with their phones, feel free to email us at It’s a free service but we urge you to please provide as much details as possible so that we will know where to start and how to fix your problem. We also have Facebook and Google+ pages you can use to communicate with us.

Sprint Galaxy S4 Google Apps not working

Problem: Hi, from about a month or two, my Google Apps weren’t responding. When I go to Play store or any other Google App, they don’t sync and always say Retry or you are not connected, although I can easily browse and able to run other apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. Some time after that it works but sometimes they don’t. I tried restarting my phone but even then they do not work at all. They work automatically after some time. I am confused why it is happening to me? I am using a Galaxy S4 from Sprint. I hope you have some solution for this problem. Thanks, Johnny

Solution: Hi Johnny. The main reason why all your Google-related apps are not syncing is most probably because your main Google account itself doesn’t sync properly. It always follows that Google Play Store or Gmail app will not sync correctly if the Google account in the first place is messing up. Below is a good way to ensure that Google account works.

  1. Tap Settings and select the Accounts Tab
  2. Tap Add account, then tap Google
  3. Tap Existing so your phone will ask you to sign in to your Google account
  4. Enter the correct Email and Password for your Google account
  5. Tap Next arrow
  6. Go over Google Terms of Service and tap OK
  7. Tap Set up credit card for your payment option (this is optional so you can hit Not now if you want to continue without adding a credit card)
  8. If there are more than one Google accounts logged in on the device, a list of synchronization options will be provided. Tap the preferred option then select Next arrow
  9. Tap Google to set up specific sync settings for a particular Google account
  10. Select the Google account name
  11. Select which sync options to sync or un-sync
  12. Tap the Back key when done
  13. Your Google account synchronization is finished

Additionally, when Google Play Store says “No connection” and then there’s a button that says “Retry”, it’s a connection issue more than anything else based on my own experiences. All of the time I encountered this problem–and I encountered it countless of times already–the problem was always my connection regardless whether I was using mobile data or Wi-Fi. So, I strongly suggest that by the time this problem happens, check and re-check your connection. You may refresh your email to know if some messages come in, browse more than a couple of websites, and write a status on Facebook. If you can do all of these without getting prompted with a connection-related error message, then proceed with the clearing of the cache and data of the Play Store. If that doesn’t work, uninstall its updates.

If the above steps will not resolve the issue, consider doing a factory reset on your phone to make sure that everything is new.

Charging problem on Sprint Galaxy S4

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, which came with a plan from Sprint. It has worked perfectly until recently. I am having issues charging it; it’s taking too much time to charge. I tried charging with a different data cable and power adapter but the charging time was still the same. I also tried to factory reset my device, but to no avail. It takes 8 to 10 hours to fully charge it. I have been using my device for more than a year but this has occurred for the first time. Hope you could help!! Thank you. — Mark

Solution: There are some cases that a device may not charge properly because the charging port is faulty, or something is lodged in it, blocking the connection and slowing down the charging process. Dirt, pocket lint, and other tiny particles can sometimes find their way inside the charging port module or the microUSB port so make sure that this is not the case. A humid environment or proximity to water can also mess up with the charging port, sometimes causing rust to settle in the port. Try to physically check the phone for signs of rust.

In addition, ensure that you are not overcharging your device as the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery only needs about 2-3 hours to charge fully. Overcharging can sometimes lead to a battery exploding or damaging the phone.

Since you’ve already tried isolating the issue by using another set of charging cable, we recommend that you replace the battery. Inspect your battery for signs of leakage or bulging or deformities. Those are sure signs that you have a battery problem at hand. If you consider battery replacement, make certain that you will be using a new original battery, or a respected third party one. It usually takes about 2 years for an original battery to lose charge quickly.

Since you mentioned that it now takes you about 8-10 hours to fully charge the battery, try charging the device directly to a wall outlet instead of connecting it to your computer or laptop. The current from a wall socket is faster compared to any other charging platform you may be using. Also, turn off the phone when charging it to avoid apps from working or discharging the battery when plugged in to the wall outlet.

Of course, when you already did everything and the problem remains, have the phone checked by a technician as there could be an issue with the USB charging port of the phone. If this is the case, then you would end up buying that component for less than $10.

Mobile data on Sprint Galaxy S4 turns on by itself

Problem 1: I don’t know if you guys have experienced this problem before but my phone seems to have a bug. I have a Galaxy S4 from Sprint and while its performance is superb, the mobile data seems to have a little problem–it turns on by itself. Say for example, I turn off mobile data now, about 5 minutes or 10 minutes later, it will turn on and I didn’t even do a thing to turn it back on. It’s very annoying among all things. And you know what, ever since this problem started, by battery drains a lot faster than before. I hope you can figure something out on how to fix this. Thanks.

Problem 2: Hi! My name is Victor. My Galaxy S4 is turning on the mobile data (3G) every time! Sometimes I look at my phone and the Mobile data is on. Then I turn it off. 10 minutes later it’s on again. Please can you help me? Thanks! Bye!

Solution: There is a well-known feature in Samsung Galaxy S4 called Wi-Fi Timer that may help us resolve this issue. Basically, as the name suggests, this feature allows a user to configure the device to turn the Wi-Fi function on or off at a preset time. So let’s go ahead and check this feature so we can resolve your issue.

  1. Tap the Menu button from the home screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Select the Connections tab
  4. Tap Wi-Fi
  5. Tap the Menu key
  6. Tap Advanced Settings
  7. Select Wi-Fi Timer
  8. Check if your mobile data turns on by itself during the preset period in this feature.

Additionally, I want you to go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the Menu key > Settings > choose Advanced > turn off Auto network switch. It will not auto-connect to mobile data network as long as the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. We are always open to your feedback so feel free to email us back in case these procedures won’t work.

Unable to send text message in Sprint Galaxy S4

Problem: I have a Galaxy S4 and have a problem with someone receiving my text messages. We have previously text back and forth without a problem. About 6 months ago we realized that I can receive her text messages and mine appear to have “sent” but she does not receive them. We can still exchange messages over the Group me app without a problem. She does not have an iPhone and neither of us have changed phones in a while. Any ideas? And is it more likely an issue on my end or hers? — Justin 

Solution: Does this problem happen with one particular number only when sending text messages? Does it happen randomly? Getting answers to those two questions would certainly help us a lot in isolating the trouble but, for now, let’s try to ensure that issue is not caused by a third party app. Try to run your phone in safe mode for 24 hours and observe what happens when sending text messages. Safe Mode is also known as the diagnostic mode to help us address issues like this. To do safe mode, please follow the guide below:

  1. Press and hold the Power button to turn off the phone
  2. Select Power off
  3. Select OK and wait for a few seconds
  4. Press and hold the Power button until the S4 logo shows up then release
  5. While the logo is still on the screen, press and hold the Volume down button. Continue doing so until the Safe mode screen appears. You will know if you’re in safe mode because the words “Safe mode” will show up in the lower left side of the display.

To go back to normal mode, simply restart the phone pressing and hold the Power button again, then select Restart.

Remember that Safe Mode only temporarily disables all apps installed through Google Play Store. We recommend to do safe mode troubleshooting first before proceeding to hard reset, also known as factory reset.

While in this mode, test the phone’s SMS functionality by sending messages to your friend. If the issue will not happen again, this means that a third party application is causing the problem. Try to isolate which app by checking or removing any recently installed ones.

Sprint Galaxy S4 randomly rebooting itself

Problem: Hello, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and recently the phone has started to freeze (not allow me to get the screen to turn on until I reboot) or just reboot on it’s own at random times of the day. A little while ago I also lost the ability to make outgoing calls until I rebooted it and incoming calls were not working. This seems to be better lately but this reboot issue is bugging me out. It isn’t getting stuck in a loop or anything but it reboots a few times a day now. Would you recommend just doing a hard reset? If so what is the best way to back up my pictures and contacts? Or do you have any other suggestions? I bought it to the store and they said it appeared fine because nothing bad happened while I was there. Thanks for any help you can give, Carrie.

Solution: Hi Carrie. We need to consider a few factors in dealing with random reboot issue on a Galaxy S4. Kindly go over the list of troubleshooting steps below to see which one can resolve the issue.

Remove the microSD card. There has been numerous reports of an external SD card interfering with the phone’s functions to the point that it simply overwhelms the system, thus forcing it to reboot. There is no official explanation for it from Samsung or any of the carriers but many users have reported that their phone started to work normally after disconnecting their SD cards. If you want to give it a try, make sure to turn off the phone first before unplugging the SD card. If the phone starts working again after disconnecting the SD card, make sure to wipe out all the data from the SD card or simply replace it.

Update the phone’s software. Samsung and carriers roll out updates from time to time to fix known bugs and issues. The phone must be fully charged or connected to a charger when downloading an update to ensure uninterrupted power supply throughout the duration. Go to Settings > About Device > Software Update and then touch Update.

Do a factory reset. Since there are times that your phone works normally, use that opportunity to upload your files and pictures to the cloud (provided you are subscribed to services like Dropbox). Another good way to save your photos and files is to use a computer by connecting your phone to it via the data cable. It is fast and easy but if you don’t know how to do it, you may want to refer to the phone’s manual on what to do. To perform factory reset, go to Settings > Back up and reset > Factory data reset and then touch Reset device.

We recommend that you transfer your files from your phone to a computer using the official Kies application. Please check the instructions below on how to do this:

  1. Download Samsung Kies application by clicking on this link:
  2. Install the application after downloading it.
  3. Launch Kies application. Your computer should automatically do this for you once you connect your phone to it. We recommend that you manually do it instead after you plug in your phone to the computer. Simply double click on the orange “key” icon of the app to launch.
  4. Connect the Galaxy S4 to the computer via the data cable. If the device won’t connect or if the PC fails to detect the phone, swipe your finger down the phone’s screen from top to bottom and open Notification Panel. Make sure to select Connected As A Camera then select Media Device (MTP) to change the USB setting.
  5. Select Photos option in the left side panel below the name of your device.
  6. Click the List icon to show the list of images you have on your phone.
  7. Select the photos you want to move then click Save to move them to your computer
  8. Create a new folder or save your photos to existing folders

I hope this helps solve your problem.

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