How To Fix Common Problems and Errors with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [Part 23]

Welcome to the 23rd part in our series of troubleshooting articles dealing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you have been following this series you may already know that we have already answered hundreds of emails from our readers regarding their device. Since we are still receiving emails concerning this particular model we have extended this series to accommodate the questions of our readers.

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Galaxy Note 3 Incoming Email Issues

Problem: A week ago I disconnected my phone from tethering at the airport to get on the plane.  Two minutes before that I had received an email, both on my phone and Outlook. Since that time, I have not receive any emails on my phone.  The server settings were checked.  I opened a new email account and directed the emails to the new email account and I received them all from the last time I got emails to my default account.  But as soon as I sent a new email to myself either on my default account or the new account nothing would come through on my phone.  I use IMAP port 143 according to my service provider. All me emails go from the phone. Can you help me sort this problem out. Thank you

Solution: Try to double check your email account settings again. Some of the details to check are Email address, Server address (Incoming and outgoing), Domain, User name, Password, and SSL encryption setting. If the settings check out then go check the sync settings of your device. Try turning sync off then on. If you have an email client in your computer that is set to receive your email make sure that it is set to leave a copy on the server. Check the internal storage space of your device and ensure that it still has ample space. You must have at least 150MB available space if not then try to clear more storage space.

If your email is still not working then it’s time to clear out the cache of your email app.

  • From the Setting menu, touch Apps or Application Manager.
  • Verify the All tab is selected.
  • Find and touch the email application
  • Touch Clear Cache

The final step that you can do is to delete the email account reboot your device then add the email account again.

Galaxy Note 3 Widgets Freezing

Problem: Hello I seem to be having problems with my widgets on my galaxy note 3 not updating / freezing it started awhile go after installing go launcher I since then have deleted it and the problem still occurs on nova and touch wiz it started out suddle but is getting worse if I go to my music widget and press play it starts playing the song but shows it as paused or if I click on the song I want played it displays the wrong one my clock widget stock or any other one will freeze and not display the correct time everything else seems to be working fine is there any solution to this I’ve tried pulling the battery restarting the phone and it still continues to occur. Thank you

Solution: The first thing that needs to be done is to turn off your device and take out its battery. While the battery is removed press on the power button for at least 10 seconds. Replace the battery and turn your device on. This procedure refreshes your phone and frees up memory occupied by unnecessary data. Check and see if your widgets are still acting up.

If your widgets still have a problem then the next step is to check if whether a third party app is causing this. To do so you need to boot your device in Safe Mode.

  • Power the device off.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 logo appears, press and hold the Volume down button (release the Power button).
  • Continue to hold the Volume down button until Safe mode appears in the lower left of the screen then release.

Once in Safe Mode check and see if your widgets are working fine. If they are then the freezing issue you is probably caused by a third party app you recently installed. Try to find out what it is and uninstall it.

Galaxy Note 3 Photos Gone After Update

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 and for months now it always came up with this reminder to install something, it came up every time the phone would get switched off and back on and a few times daily, I would ways just clicked not now and it would come up with a reminder for 30 mins, 1 hour and 3 hours. It didn’t say what exactly the update was for but I accidentally clicked on it last night to install and it automatically turnt my phone off and started updating to 100%. It had the android mascot thing and said it was installing something, it then had to update 144 applications and when it was back on all my photos that I’ve taken with the camera were gone!! All the ones I’ve saved off Facebook etc are there but ones I’ve physically taken with the phone were not. My key pad is now different and some of my apps and games have uninstalled. I would like a solution to get my photos back as there are some very important photos I would like back.

Solution: Try downloading the latest Kies software from the Samsung website and install it in your computer. Connect your Note 3 to the computer using a USB cord. The Kies software should recognize your device and you should be able to see any photos that are stored in your phone.

In the event that your photos are still not available then disconnect your phone from the computer and take out its microSD card. Try to insert the microSD card in your computer (use an SD card adapter if you have to). Browse the folders in the microSD card (especially the folder labeled DCIM). If the photos are still not showing then it might have been deleted during the update process. Have you set up online syncing of your photos? If you have then you may be able to recover them from Google Photos for example. If not then recovering the lost photos are next to impossible.

Galaxy Note 3 APK File Installation Issue

Problem: Hi, I am unable to install the applications on my galaxy note 3 International version. As the Install button while installing becomes disabled. i.e; Install button appears on screen and when pressed it does not work. So unable to install any APK’s downloaded. Only able to install applications directly through Google play store. So please let me know how to troubleshoot this kind of a error.

Solution: Before proceeding with the troubleshooting process I must warn you that apps taken from non-official sources poses a danger to the security of your device. You may be aware that one of the threats to the Android operating system is malware and this is usually spread from APK files downloaded from questionable sources. Having said that, to be able to install APK files you will need to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Go to Settings – Security – then make sure to check Unknown Sources. After this go ahead and see if you can install the APK file.

Galaxy Note 3 Null IMEI

Problem: I have a Galaxy Note 3 FM-N9005 which had base band version N9005ZHUDMJ9 and build number JSS15J.N9005XXUDMK2 running on jelly bean 4.3. I searched for its latest firmware on Sam Mobile and there was KitKat 4.4.2 update available for it having build number KOT49H.N9005ZHUENF1. I downloaded this firmware and flashed it using Odin. Everything was successful and firmware was downloaded successfully. When I restarted the mobile, the baseband and IMEI was unknown. I hadn’t backed-up the EFS Folder but it is mounted in CWM Recovery. I am unable to restore the baseband and IMEI number. Please suggest a solution to recover IMEI.

Solution: We haven’t encountered this problem on our device yet so we can’t provide a firsthand experience on how to resolve the issue. We could however direct you to a possible solution which is posted over at the XDA forum. This issue has been extensively discussed in one of the threads and a workaround on solving it is posted.

Galaxy Note 3 Bluetooth Audio Low

Problem: Been having an issue with Bluetooth audio volume being too low.. this is with in call audio and media audio. BOTH the volume on the phone AND the volume on the bluetooth device are all the way up. notifications sounds over bluetooth with the sliders at half way are MUCH louder than the audio volume with the sliders all the way up.. it’s low to the point that road volume @ 65mph (with windows up) is drowning out the audio. I’m NOT rooted and I don’t want to root the phone.

Solution: What you ned to do is isolate the problem first. In this scenario there could be an issue with the Note 3 or the Bluetooth device. Try using another Bluetooth device first and see if the audio is still low. If it isn’t then you have found the cause of the problem. If it is still the same then it is time to check your phone.

Try checking for any new software updates for your device and if there are download and install it. An update usually contains fixes and improvements needed by your device.

Check the audio settings and make sure that everything is maxed out. If it is then we need to know if a third party app may be causing the problem. Boot your device in Safe Mode.

  • Power the device off.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 logo appears, press and hold the Volume down button (release the Power button).
  • Continue to hold the Volume down button until Safe mode appears in the lower left of the screen then release.

Once in Safe Mode try connecting your Bluetooth device and check on its audio volume again. If the volume is now loud then a third party app may be causing the issue in which case you have to find out what it is and uninstall it.

If the problem still exists after performing the previous steps then the last troubleshooting step that you can do is to do a factory reset on your device. Just make sure to back up all your data first before performing the procedure.

  • Turn the handset off completely, remove and reinsert the battery.
  • While holding down the Volume Up key, press and hold the Home key.
  • With both the Volume Up key and the Home key held down, press and hold the Power key. Release all three keys when the Samsung logo appears.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to wipe data/factory reset.
  • With wipe data/factory reset highlighted, press the Power key.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to Yes –delete all user data.
  • With Yes –delete all user data highlighted, press the Power key.
  • Once the wipe is complete, press the Power key to select reboot system now.
  • The master reset is now complete. The handset will restart

Your device will now be in its factory state and the Bluetooth audio issue should be gone right now.

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