How To Fix Common Problems and Errors with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [Part 20]

Hello guys! Welcome to the 20th part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions series. In this post, I addressed just five problems but there are, at least, two emails I cited having the same issues. Basically, the problems I answered here are minor and we may have already addressed them in the previous parts. But I just want you to know that we continue doing this as courtesy to our readers who emailed us and are expecting our advices.

After 20 parts, I’m sure we’ve already addressed 200 problems or emails but it’s not the end of the line for us since we still have thousands of emails to respond to. And for those who may still have issues with their phones, we are always open for them. Feel free to email us at Don’t worry, you won’t be charged when you do so–it’s free. What we’re asking from you, however, is information. Provide as much details as possible when you email us so that we would know how to begin our troubleshooting. We’ll spend time researching your problem, please spend time explaining it to us, too. Please also join, like or share our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Contacts apps keeps crashing on Note 3

Problem 1: Good morning, not sure if you can help me, but when I go to my “phone” icon to make a call or check my call log, it says “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped”, I have tried several times to sync and that keeps coming up in error and said to try later, it’s been two days now. Do you know why? — Thanks

Problem 2: Droid guy, I hope you can help me with my problem. My Note 3 is acting weird this last couple of days and I can’t use it properly anymore. I often get or make calls daily. When I take incoming calls, the phone is just alright. The problem appears when I dial a phone number, there’s an error that pops up saying, “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped.” I don’t know what that means lest I know how to fix it. So, if you have any idea how to address this problem, please let me know. Thanks.

Solution: I’m not sure how many contacts you have and how many account your syncing but I think it’s the sync that causes this problem. Try disconnecting your phone from the internet. Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data and then disable all contact syncs. Reboot the phone after that and try to dial a number once the phone is up and active.

If the problem persists after that, try clearing the cache and data of the Contacts app by going to the application manager under Settings. Please note that you can also find Contacts Storage. DO NOT touch that as it contains all contacts that are locally saved in your phone. Or, better yet, before doing this procedure, backup all your contacts first.

As far as this problem is concerned, clearing cache and data will solve it. After this, try enabling syncs for your contacts one by one.

Note 3 restarts when playing videos, deletes folder automatically

Problem 1: This is the second time. I spent about an hour early this morning downloading impeachment videos about Obama. I watched them after downloading and they were perfect. Later this morning I went to show them to my wife. The first video started to play then the phone automatically reset. After the reset completed I tried to show them again. The folder with the videos was gone. All the videos were gone. Any idea what happened? Thanks, Francis.

Problem 2: I’m not sure if you guys have already addressed my problem but I read through the first 10 parts of this series and never found an issue like mine. Basically, the problem only occurs whenever I play a video, other than that, the phone is working great. Whenever I play a video, the phone automatically reboots. I already tried clearing the cache and data of the video player to no avail. After the phone reboots and I opened the gallery, the videos I just played that triggered the problem aren’t there already. What kind of problem is this? — Julian

Solution: It was last month that someone I know came to me complaining about an issue like this. The video plays for a few minutes then the phone mysteriously reboots. Once the phone is up and running, browsing to the external memory is impossible or the folders are already gone…all of them. It was, of course, an SD card issue and while we attempted a few times to reformat it, the problem just recurs. The solution: buy a new SD card.

I wouldn’t know for sure if your problem is the same as the one I’ve seen before since you didn’t say you have an SD card and it is where you saved those impeachment videos. There is another problem, though, I encountered many months ago and it concerns both the Note 3 and S3. I’m not sure if it was a bug or a glitch but the phone simply restarts without warning and when it comes back on, everything was reset as if the user did factory reset on the phone. Of course, all data were lost. Contacting Samsung is your best bet and have the device replaced.

With the information you provided, I can only think of these problems and perhaps one of them is related to yours.

Cannot move files from internal to external storage

Problem 1: Dear Sir, recently I found my Note 3 having a problem with the SD card internal and external drive. I’m trying to copy my file to internal storage transferring to external SD card. The move command is not because working because when I paste it to internal (or vise versa) it didn’t work. I need to plug in PC then transfer it manually using PC. I hope you can help me about this minor issue of KK 4.4.2 official version stock ROM. Thank you very much. Regards, Rowel.

Problem 2: Hi, Ahmeed here from Pakistan. I know you guys are so busy but I would like to give it a shot and email you anyway. My problem is that I cannot use the Cut-Paste commands on my phone. For example, I want to move files from the internal storage to my microSD card, the command just won’t function. Why is this happening? Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.

Solution: Your microSD card may have been write-protected. I’ve seen this issue in action before and you may end up thinking your SD card is already dead; you can view your files from it but moving, regardless whether it is from or to, is virtually impossible since you’re already making changes on the card. Removing write protection in an SD card is a complicated thing. I know a couple of procedures and each requires you use a card reader or adapter. Before anything else, make a backup of everything on your SD card because you need to reformat it.

First Procedure

This is the easy procedure and you need the help of a tape here. Here’s how you do it…

  1. Hold your card reader and put it on lock.
  2. Now, put a tape on the lock so that it won’t slide down when you inserted the microSD card.
  3. Insert the microSD card.
  4. Now, format it into FAT32 format.

Moving files to and fro using your phone should work now.

Second Procedure

Now, this one’s a little complicated and you still need the help of a card adapter.

  1. Insert the card to the reader.
  2. Plug reader to a laptop computer.
  3. Click “Start” on the taskbar to open “Run” and type in “regedit”.
  4. Hit “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” to expand “System”.
  5. Find “Current Control Set” in “System” list to click “Control”.
  6. Check whether there is a key named “Storage Device Policies” to change the digit in the “DWORD value” box into “0” and press “OK”.

I hope this helps.

Phone’s screen turns off automatically when taking a call

Problem 1: I have a Galaxy Note 3 and I really enjoy all your tips. This a great phone and have not experienced any issues but one in particular that I just can’t seem to find in your list. The problem is when I get a phone call or making one, it automatically turns the screen off like when I put it near my face. I have to manually turn the screen on and off while taking a call to manipulate it. I have tried to troubleshoot by dialing certain digits and the reading shows that the proximity sensor is always showing that something is in front of the phone. Is this a manufacturing issue? Is there a fix? Thanks in advance.

Problem 2: Hi guys, I have a Note 3 and so far I haven’t encountered serious issues with it. There’s one minor problem I want you look at, though. Whenever I receive a call, the screen immediately turns off the moment I take it. I know it shouldn’t be like this. The moment the screen must turn off is when the phone touches my face already. So, there must be something wrong with it. I don’t know what it is but I know you guys can help me out. Thank you. — Fred

Problem 3: I already tried calibrating the proximity sensor but it seems like there’s something in front of the phone preventing it from doing things it’s supposed to. My problem is that the screen turns off a few seconds after I take a call. Before, the screen stays on until I place it close to my face. Is the proximity sensor busted already? Help me.

Solution: It’s dirt corroding the hole where proximity sensor is. A blast of compressed air will solve all your problems regarding proximity sensor. If it happened just recently, fix it as soon as possible because as soon as the dirt hardens, it is difficult to remove it without the use of some solution.

Pictures, videos show broken icons

Problem 1: Hi my note 3 has not been loading my pictures or videos it gives me a broken image when I pull up picture, I have attached a copy of the pictures in screen shots for you to see. I have also tried to restart phone and still doesn’t work, do you know how to help me restore my pictures?

Problem 2: Harold, thanks for this great, great service you provide. I have a problem of my own. I have hundreds of pictures in my phone and several videos. All of them are stored in a microSD card, which is mounted on my phone. When I opened the Gallery this morning, I didn’t see them…all of them. All I see is a bunch of icons that looked like broken or something. I don’t know and don’t want to do anything because I fear that I might lose all my pictures and videos. Help me please. Thank you. — Susan

Problem 3: Hello Droid guy, thanks for everything you do for us. My Note 3 started to act up recently. There was a time when it just rebooted itself and then an error came up saying the card was unexpectedly unmounted when I didn’t do anything with it. The microSD card is mounted right into the phone and it hasn’t been removed since the day I bought the phone. By the way, my Note 3 is already a year old and I’m not sure if it has already reach the point where I need to upgrade. But when I launch the gallery, all my videos and pictures are gone. How can this be? Do you have a fix for this?

Solution: All of these problems you guys are experiencing may have been brought upon by you microSD cards–they’re busted or close to being damaged. So, don’t do anything that could delete your files. Instead, physically unmount the SD card, insert it to a card reader and let your computer read from it. Then, copy all files that can be copied so that you have a backup of all your data. Only then that you can reformat the card to FAT32 format and if that doesn’t work, it’s time you bought a new card.

The icons with a lightning bolt running through the center mean that the phone is expecting to read media files from a source but can’t find them. So, the default “Not Found” icon is displayed in lieu of the thumbnails of your files. Again, it’s a microSD card problem and nothing else.

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