How To Fix Common HTC One M8 Problems and Errors [Part 2]

Welcome to the second part in our series of troubleshooting articles concerning the HTC One M8. Ever since we published the first part we have been receiving lots of emails from our readers asking for help on the issues they are facing with their device. What we do is try to picture out the scope of the problem based on the details our readers provide and then come up with a solution that would hopefully make the device work normally.

For any concerns regarding your M8 or any other Android device for that matter feel free to send us an email at You may also reach us at our Facebook and Google+ social media accounts. Try to be as detailed as possible when describing the problem so that we may come with an accurate solution.

HTC One M8 Text Message Issues

Problem: When I receive a text message and go to click on it, it won’t open.  The only thing I can do to open it is click the power button to turn the screen off and back on and then it will let me open it.  Also when I am inputting text a whole sentence will type itself for no reason. Also freezes when I try to unlock the screen from the home screen.  Manageable but very annoying.   Thanks in advance

Solution: Have you tried rebooting your device? Turn your device off then after a few seconds turn it back on. Check and see if you can now click on the text message to open it. For your other concern regarding the typing of sentences the most likely cause is that your predictive text is turned on. This is a useful feature however can sometimes be annoying. Go to Settings – My device – Language and input. Then select the keyboard you are using and press the Settings icon again. You should be able to find a predictive text option on this screen which you can turn off.

HTC One M8 Does Not Turn On

Problem: I had quite a scare since my phone didn’t turn back on after I turned the screen off. So I tried tapping it. Tried pressing and holding power button but nothing till it restarted itself. Since I can access the battery, what can I do if something like this happens again? Considering I still have something’s on the phone memory.

Solution: There are several scenarios where this device will not turn on. When it has 0% battery charge left it will not turn on. When it is in debug mode it will not boot to the homescreen. When the battery logic has been corrupted it will also not turn on.

When the battery has fully drained to 0% all you need to do is plug it into a wall charger and wait for the LED indicator to glow red. Turn on the device, if it does not respond the press and hold the Power button and the Volume up keys for 10 seconds while still connected to the charger.

When the device is in debug mode and you want to go to the homescreen just hold the Power button and the Volume up keys for 10 seconds.

If the device is fully charged but does not turn on then connect it to a wall charger. Press and hold the Power, Volume up and Volume down keys for 1 – 2 full minutes. The battery should re-calibrate and the device will then turn on.

HTC One M8 Bluetooth Question

Problem: This may not be an android issue but a smartphone issue.  I have an HTC One M8, brand new.  But, I can’t find info on using a Bluetooth ear piece so I can listen to music and then answer the phone without reconfiguring. Thanks.

Solution: Connecting a Bluetooth headset to the M8 is pretty easy and can be done automatically. Just make sure that it is discoverable first so that your device can detect it once it scans for new devices.

  • Turn Bluetooth on and check the list of available devices.
  • If you don’t see your headset listed, tap Scan for devices to refresh the list.
  • Tap the name of your headset in the Available Devices section. HTC One pairs with the headset and the headset connection status is displayed in the Paired Devices section.
  • If prompted to enter a passcode, try 0000 or 1234, or consult the headset documentation to find the passcode.

Once you have finished using the headset and you would like to use it the next time it should automatically connect. If it does not automatically connect then you may have to connect it manually.

  • Turn Bluetooth on and check the list of paired devices.
  • Tap the headset’s name in the Paired Devices section.
  • If prompted to enter a passcode, try 0000 or 1234, or consult the headset documentation to find the passcode.

HTC One M8 Issues After Using Custom ROM

Problem: Hello I just saw a post of yrs in drippler n this is exactly what I was looking for so long. I am using HTC ONE M8 rooted with Insertcoin latest rom with no custom kernal. And I am having a few issues which I don’t think are related related with the rom.


It happens frequently to me that while my phone is in my pocket for a long time, many a times after bringing out the phone from my pocket I find that volume is low and so i missed some calls n messages. How to stop that?


Well I know there are lots of guys complaining something like this but I want u to hear me out. To me my M8 is already producing good sound. But I don’t know why but I still am not satisfied. Most of the time I feel it in case of incoming calls n watching videos in browser where i cannot use MxPlayer. Now listen I used to use Htc M7 & M8 is supposed to produce more boomsound than M7 but I feel the opposite though I couldn’t test my M8 with M7 or any other M8. But trust me, the notification sounds are pretty high. Now I know there are a few developers who boosted the sound of default ringtones but those boosted sounds make crackling noises. And there’s Viper4Android which I couldn’t make to work in my M8. So gimme a solution if u have.


Well I have seen almost everyone says that M8’s upper speaker is a bit on left side, not in centre, so when u hold the phone on yr left ear and talk, if u don’t place it properly, u r gonna hear low call sound. I also feel the prob. But is it the fact? Was HTC so stupid that they made this silly construction mistake which M7 didn’t have? And is there any way-around? Thank you guys

Solution: A lot of people are also complaining about accidentally pressing the volume rocker button while the device is in their pocket. The only way to fix this if you physically remap   the button or disable it. The easiest solution though is to get a rigid case that protect the volume rocker from accidental presses.

For your second question there are some apps available that can boost the speaker volume of the M8. A quick search using Google will reveal several of these apps.

For your third question you might want to check on your speaker grill and see if there are debris in them as they may cause the volume to become low. Try cleaning it with a toothbrush.

HTC One M8 Google Auto Sync Not Working

Problem: Hello Droid guys. I just read your article “how to fix common HTC m8 problems” and found it very inspiring. I also am experiencing problems synching my Google photos, Google Play movies & TV, Google Play Newsstand and most of all my Google People details have not synched in over a month. When I first discovered this I did a factory reset to start all over but the problem persists. (I also tried your the suggestions you made for the “Google+photos auto backup not working” and that didn’t work either) I am wondering if you have heard any other problems like this as it seems that I am not the only one. I know that you are probably really busy, but if you find the time, I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Solution: A factory reset should be able to fix most issues of the device however in your case you already did it but still the auto sync is not working. Try to do another factory reset then use another Google account to connect with your device. Check and see if that account syncs properly. If it does then there may be a problem with your original account.

HTC One M8 Gets Too Hot

Problem: I love the HTC One M8 but the phone gets unusually hot sometimes that I have to place it on ice. Is there a way to make sure that the phone runs cool?

Solution: Have you tried measuring the temperature to see how hot it gets? Most people have reported temperatures of as high as 110 degrees while playing games. When your device gets too hot it’s time to cut back on power consuming activities. If however you are not using your device which isn’t plugged into a charger and it still gets hot then there may be some applications running in the background that is causing this. You might want to consider doing a hard reset on your device but make sure to make a backup of all your data first.

Make sure that the Fast boot option in Settings > Power is not be selected.

  • Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press and hold the POWER button.
  • Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
  • Press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button.

HTC One M8 Lags Sometimes

Problem: Most of the time my device is smooth.. but sometimes it’ll LAG so bad. It’s super strange.. it’ll be so slow and then suddenly speed back up. The only things I’ve done are backed up my M7 and restored to the M8 using the transfer tool. I have 3 email accounts, exchange/hotmail and yahoo. When it starts lagging bad, I see the spinning arrows indicating it’s trying to do a sync of my accounts.. I really don’t want to wipe my device, but this is super annoying. My M7 never once experienced ANY sort of lag, and suddenly my M8 does.

Solution: The HTC One M8 shouldn’t lag. If after performing a factory reset you are still experiencing this problem then this may already be a hardware issue. Try having it checked at an authorized service center.

HTC One M8 Anti-Virus Protection

Problem: Does anyone use antivirus on this phone? will it affect performance? which is the best to use?

Solution: While the Android platform is generally secure there are several malware out in the wild targeting it. Most people don’t have anti-virus apps on their M8 while others who want to stay on the safe side have. As a rule, if you only get your apps from the Google Play Store then your device can do without anti-virus protection. What you will need to look out for are the unnecessary permissions that an app requests before being installed.

Just like any other app an anti-virus app will use system resources however it will have very little effect on the performance of the M8. If you want to install a security software on your device you can choose from the various popular products available at the Google Play Store.

HTC One M8 Does Not Save Wi-Fi Password

Problem: So I got my Verizon m8 today and went through the setup process. Everything seemed to be going well until I restarted the phone. Upon reboot I noticed I was no longer connected to wifi. I connected again and rebooted again. Same thing. I’ve tried everything I can think of, including a hard reset, and still it refuses to remember my wifi password? Anyone else seeing this or know how to fix it? OK, just found out that it’s related to password length. My wifi password is 63 characters in length. As a test, I reduced it to 9 characters and it then remembered it after reboot. Is this a known issue? Anyone know how long it can be and continue to work?

Solution: The previous software version of the M8 had a 9 character limit when storing Wi-Fi passwords. Try getting the latest software update for your device since this issue has already been fixed.

HTC One M8 Apps Launch By Themselves

Problem: Woke up to music twice in the middle of the night. My M8 launched the Spotify App, but I’m not sure if the phone launched the app or did the app just launch on its own. Has anyone experienced this before?

Solution: Several owners of the M8 have also experienced the Spotify app launching on its own. Try uninstalling the app then install it again from the Google Play Store. This could be an issue with the app itself and not with your device.

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