The first game on Android Wear is a Flappy Bird clone

Flopsy Droid - Android Wear

Android Wear is clearly not known for games as it’s meant for a notification device wrapped up in a convenient size of a watch. But given the open sourced nature of the platform, it was only a matter of time before games made their way to the platform. And today, we’re officially seeing Android Wear’s first game and it’s not quite what we expected. The developer Sebastian Mauer has decided to leverage the dying popularity of Flappy Bird by launching a clone for the wearable OS.

It’s a free download of course and will require users to sideload it through their smartphone as with any app on Android Wear. The game is available as Flopsy Droid in the wearables section of the Play Store. It is exactly what you expect from a Flappy Bird clone and you will most likely spend quite a lot of time trying to keep the character flying which gets even tougher given¬†the small form factor of the smartwatch. The key difference between Flappy Bird is that users have to keep a Droid afloat instead of a bird.

If you already own a LG G Watch or a Samsung Gear Live, make sure you download the app and let us know what you think. This game should encourage plenty of other developers to launch games for the Android Wear platform which is good news in the long run.

Source: Play Store

Via: Android Police