Creator of ‘Yo’ launches a Snapchat alternative

Mirage Android

Not too long ago, an app called ‘Yo’ was launched on all major app platforms. The app was pretty simple, which could only say “Yo” to contacts. And now, the makers of this app, Mobli, have launched a more mainstream app called Mirage which is nothing but a slightly toned down version of Snapchat.

The app allows users to send images, videos, audio files and messages that will self destruct after a predetermined period, much like Snapchat. The difference here is the availability of an easy to use navigation system with all of your contacts displayed on the bottom half of the screen and the camera viewfinder on the top half. Swiping to the left can switch between different filters suiting your needs accordingly.

The idea essentially is to do more without having to navigate to different menus. It’s certainly an innovative take on Snapchat and could catch on pretty quickly among fans of the genre. Another key addition here is that Mirage users can send files to users who aren’t signed up to the service yet. They will simply receive a URL on their smartphone which will redirect them to a browser version of the file, which will also self destruct after the timer runs out. A pretty neat app overall, and one which should catch on better than Yo, at least in theory.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Community

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