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Android L shown to be improving battery life by 36% on the Nexus 5

Android L

The Android L developer preview was made available last week to the Nexus 5 and the 2013 Nexus 7. It has now come to light that the platform is quite easy on the battery as users of the Nexus 5 are reportedly seeing an increase by 36%. This was proven by a test conducted by the folks at Ars Technica which suggests that the Nexus 5 with Android L lasts 2 hours and six minutes more than the Android 4.4.4 running Nexus 5 in its WiFi test.

It is clearly the early showings of Project Volta which is Google’s way of curbing unnecessary battery usage. The fact that a developer preview of the OS can provide such an increase in battery efficiency makes us more hopeful about the final release launching later this year.

Battery life has always been a concern with Android users and it’s pleasing to know that Google is doing something about it with updates like these. It is yet to be seen whether there will be improvements seen across the board or just with WiFi usage. Ars Technica’s test involved refreshing a webpage on WiFi every 15 seconds on both the devices with the display at 200 nits and all the battery saving features turned off.

Android L Battery

Source: Ars Technica

Via: Android Beat

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