Amazon Wallet for Android now available for download

Amazon Wallet

Amazon has just launched its own online wallet service known as Amazon Wallet. But unlike Google Wallet or several other contemporaries, this service quite limited. Amazon specifies that it’s still in beta which explains most of the exclusions, but the app is a welcome addition nonetheless. In its current form, Amazon Wallet allows users to store their gift cards, loyalty cards and store credits within the app to reduce the clutter in your wallet or purse. However, it still can’t handle credit and debit cards, which is expected to be added with forthcoming updates.

The app is available for the Fire Phone and standard Android smartphones via the Play Store. Since it’s a beta, functionality is pretty barebones, so don’t get your hopes up. Customers can either scan their gift cards or manually enter details on the wallet to store them and use them conveniently without needing to carry a physical card.

It is in its infancy, so it’s hard to jump to conclusions just yet. But for the time being, it won’t do a lot more than storing your gift cards and reward points.