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Your Moto X will be replaced for free if the display is broken under warranty

Moto X

If you own a Moto X, you will be pleased to know that Motorola  is ready to offer you a one time replacement of the handset if you happen to accidentally damage the display. And yes, this covers any Moto X under American warranty. Since the smartphone is yet to complete one year since launch, this practically means that every Moto X in the U.S. can avail this generous offer from Motorola, and that is only if you accidentally broke the display of the smartphone.

The HTC Advantage program offers users a similar incentive with a one time replacement of the screen for the first six months since the smartphone’s purchase. But it’s good to know that Motorola has a similar offer in place although it is relatively quiet about it.

In case of a mishap, all the user has to do is fill out a form and send it back to Motorola for the one time replacement. So if you happen to break the display on your Moto X during a camp trip or at a busy street while walking, make sure you ring up Motorola and get the replacement.

Source: Reddit

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