Yahoo Aviate Launcher now out of beta and accessible for all

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One of the most popular homescreen launchers to be shown off recently, Aviate, is now out of beta which essentially means that users no longer need an invite to use it. The Aviate team was recently acquired by Yahoo, so the app is known as Yahoo Aviate.

The launcher has seen some changes to accommodate for the wider release. Here are a few highlights:

  • Favorites: Yahoo Aviate automatically suggests “Favorites” for your most popular contacts. Swipe up from the homescreen to call, text, or email people you chat with daily.
  • Calendar: Connect to conference calls with a single tap (no more typing out conference codes!). On your way to dinner? Aviate makes it simple to call an Uber. Running late to a meeting? Easily email everyone attending if you’re running late.
  • Daily Habits Galore: With a single swipe, you can access your alarm clock, weather, daily news summary, and a curated Flickr image of the day. It also takes it a step further – instead of giving you a snapshot of the weather, Aviate will alert you if today’s weather will be noticeably different than yesterday’s, so you can dress appropriately.

Since Yahoo acquired Aviate, there have been constant worries among fans if the launcher will be ditched. But it’s good to see that Yahoo has rather sped up the Beta process to bring it out to the masses. If the app is still asking for an invite, it’s probably because the update hasn’t arrived yet, so remain patient and you should be able to get through soon enough.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

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