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Waze Updated With New UI And Location Sharing Features


Today the social navigation app Waze has been updated to version 3.8, bringing improvements to both the UI and the location sharing options.

Waze now lets you find your friends that are in your contacts, allowing you to sync your contact list with Waze friends. So if you and a friend are both going somewhere, but in different cars, you will be able to see each other on the map.


And even if someone is not in your personal contact list, you can share your current location to them, along with recent and favorite addresses. When the location is sent, your friend will receive a link with directions to that location. This also works with multiple friends, so if you’re part of a group, you can all see each other’s real-time ETA and progress.

Finally, there are also some modest UI tweaks inside the new update. The way you send and receive friend requests has been improved. The main menu has been redesigned and performance improvements have been added, so your experience will be better with less lag and faster access to features.

Source: Waze via 9to5Google


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