VLC for Android to get Chromecast support in a future update


VLC, despite its immense popularity, is still an underdog in the Android world, with users finding MX Player and other apps a better solution for all their video playback needs. Add to that the fact that VLC for Android has remained in the beta stage for a long time and lags behind its iOS counterpart, which makes it less than ideal for most. However, an upcoming feature might just give VLC for Android what it needs to differentiate itself from other media apps even in its experimental stage – a VLC developer has announced the VLC app for Android will soon be gaining support for Chromecast, Google’s $35 streaming dongle.

According to VideoLAN developer Felix Paul Kühne, Chromecast support will be coming to the iOS, desktop and Android versions in the future. The Android version, unfortunately, might get it after the iOS version, which is said to be coming as early as mid-July. However, with an upcoming release said to take VLC for Android into the stable stage, support for Chromecast, whenever it comes along, should come in pretty handy for those who opt for using the popular media player on their Android device.

Via: Android Police | Source: VideoLAN Forums

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