Users can now trial a Moto X for just $0.01

Moto X

Wanted to try the Moto X but never wanted to invest on the device? Well, Motorola has a solution for that. The company is now letting users try the customized version of the smartphone for two weeks and will only charge you a penny for this privilege. The promo kicks off on Monday the 9th of June and you will get to customize your Moto X any way you want. This offer will only last on Monday and until stocks last, so make sure you set a reminder if you’re interested.

Motorola will obviously want to collect the device back in two weeks and you will have to maintain it in a good condition since it’s only a trial run. If you’re impressed by the device, you can go ahead and make the purchase after the trial period is over.

It’s a pretty straightforward system really and one which is expected at this juncture given the desperation from Motorola to clear out inventories of the Moto X to make way for the Moto X+1. Users get to choose from the recently launched Rosewood back panel as well, which makes the deal even sweeter.

So who’s getting one?

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Central

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