T-Mobile’s new Music Freedom service offers unlimited music streaming on 4G LTE


T-Mobile has just announced the Music Freedom service which allows users to stream music from popular services (provided they have a subscription), without worrying about their 4G LTE data limit. This basically means that if you have a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan with 4G LTE, you can stream music without it being added to your data tab. Users can save a fortune on data fees with this new promotion from T-Mobile.

Also available for customers of the carrier’s Simple Plans is the Rhapsody unRadio app which gives you access to a wide range of songs for free. This subscription usually costs $4 a month. Users can download the app from rhapsody.com while the T-Mobile site will have it starting Sunday. It’s a nice promotion from T-Mobile and stands to alleviate yet another customer pain point. This is what Uncarrier promotions are all about and we think it’s safe to say that the carrier has succeeded in appealing to the customers yet again.

Popular music streaming providers like Beats Music, iHeartRadio, Play Music All Access, Pandora, iTunes Radio are included under the Music Freedom promotion. But as we specified, this is only applicable if you’re subscribed to either of these paid music services beforehand.

Via: Phone Arena