T-Mobile customers can now use Speedtest on LTE without worrying about the data cap


T-Mobile has just made the lives of its 4G LTE subscribers a lot easier by whitelisting the Speedtest app. This essentially means that customers can use the application and check LTE data speeds as much as they want without worrying about it being deducted from the monthly data allowance. As you probably know, checking speeds on Speedtest usually takes plenty of data, even more so on 4G LTE. This has made users hesitant to check their data speeds. But the latest announcement from T-Mobile changes that and we hope other carriers in the country follow suit.

Here’s what T-Mobile had to say about this – “The Ookla application is designed to measure true network speed–not show that a customer has exceeded their high-speed data bucket. Other speed test providers are also whitelisted.

This comes a week after the carrier announced its latest Uncarrier promo with Music Freedom in a bid to alleviate yet another customer pain point. This announcement is certainly a new feather in the carrier’s cap as it strives to make lives easier for the customers. So if you’re a subscriber of T-Mobile, don’t hesitate to give Ookla’s Speedtest app a try.

Source: Fierce Wireless

Via: Android Central

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