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Sony Xperia Z2 gets the exclusive ‘Live on YouTube’ app

Live on YouTube - Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 users will be delighted to know that the smartphone is now getting the exclusive ‘Live on YouTube’ application which allows users to broadcast live videos from the YouTube app. Surprisingly, this feature is even missing on the official YouTube app, so it seems like a Sony exclusive for the time being.

This will allow users to broadcast live videos directly from the YouTube channel of their choice. It’s a very convenient feature to have, especially if you’re doing a lot of outdoor activity or something like a marriage proposal for the entire family to see, regardless of their location.

For the time being, the app is only available for the Xperia Z2, but we hope to see the Xperia Z1 and other flagship phones from 2013 getting the update subsequently. With features like 4K recording supported by the smartphone, users can shoot high definition videos and broadcast them all over the world as they desire.

This is available as a downloadable app from the Play Store, so that it’s easier for Sony to update it whenever necessary. Frankly, it’s a little disappointing that Google doesn’t offer this feature by default, but maybe we’ll see the feature in the next major YouTube refresh for Android.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Community

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