How To Solve Common Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems [Part 15]

There are fifteen common Galaxy Note 3 problems I answered in this post. Majority of these problems are related to the recent update because they came out after installation. This is the 15th part of our Note 3 problems and solutions series and since there are still thousands of emails we need to answer, you can expect to read posts like this.

If you have problems with your Note 3, I urge you to browse this post because I may have addressed them or you can try the first fourteen parts–links can be found below.

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#1. Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t respond to key press

Q: Hi, my phone has recently started misbehaving. The phone is on but I cannot wake up in from either the home button or power button. I have to remove the battery. When it restarts I lose my wallpaper. This happens at least once a day. Any ideas? Regards, Gareth.

A: If this happens once a day, then there is an app that’s causing this. You need to find that app and disable or uninstall it. If you need to confirm that, boot to Safe Mode and observe if the phone still becomes unresponsive. Also, be mindful of apps that are running when this problem happens. In case, I’m wrong with my suspicion, then try wiping the cache partition via the recovery mode.

#2. Brand new Galaxy Note 3 won’t turn on

Q: My wife has a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it worked for a few hours, and now it will not even power on. What do we need to do?

A: Please plug the charger in and see if the phone charges. If it worked for a few hours only, then I’m sure it has already consumed its battery. More often, Android the battery that comes with the new phone was charged about around 65%, which is more than enough to setup the phone. It could be just a drained battery issue.

#3. Galaxy Note 3 mobile data cuts off

Q: Hi, I have been reading your posts about the Note 3 problems and fixes. They have help a great deal and saved me a lot of frustration. However, I have noticed some problems I haven’t seen addressed.

1. After reboot my phone will start normally but after the phone loads my mobile data signal cuts off. I know that switching on airplane mode then off again works and the signal will be fine. Is there a way to keep the data from cutting out on reboot?

2. When my battery level drops to 20% the power saver kicks in and screen brightness and display timer are set to minimum. I always have to manually set them. Are the levels supposed to reset once charged? How can I keep my settings? Thanks, Rah.

A: The solution to your first problem is to enable automatic network switching. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the Menu key > choose Advanced > and tick Auto Network Switch.

As to your second problem, well, if you don’t want your phone to act like that, disable power saving mode. That will keep your phone stable until the battery is completely drained.

#4. Galaxy Note 3 Exchange emails not coming in

Q: Easter 2014 I was pushed the KitKat update. Ever since that day I have all but lost my email through the Microsoft Exchange Activesync. By that I mean I might get a lump of emails at any time. I can go for days without any email. I received a lump of emails on 5-30-2014 at 1046pm ( 40 emails ) and as of this email nothing. I have read through all the blogs and posts on this setting and that setting and it appears I have all of the settings correct but still nothing. Regards, Chris.

A: I had this problem before and I haven’t been able to fix it until I decided to delete my account on the phone, cleared cache and data of the email app and re-setup my email back. Since I don’t know anything else that could fix this problem, please follow the same procedure.

#5. Galaxy Note 3 stops working

Q: Hi, my email just stops working after a period of time (normally about 36 hours). The only way I can seem to fix it is by deleting the account and setting it up again. Which is fast becoming a pain! Can you help? Thanks in anticipation. Regards, Andrew.

A: I understand it’s really a pain having a phone that won’t work whenever you need it. If it were my phone, I wouldn’t let a day pass without doing the factory reset. I could have provided better solution if I knew what the real problem is but based on your email, factory reset is the only way I can see to fix this issue.

#6. Galaxy Note 3 has a lot of problems after update

Q: Ever since the upgrade my phone got back in (approx.) March I have not been happy with it’s performance. When I go to make a call the phone will just keep dialing and dialing without connecting. I then cannot end the call either. I have to shut the phone off and restart it to end the call and I can then finally make my call.  

I also have problems with texting. Sometimes my texts keep sending and sending. Once again if I shut the phone off and then back on again the text will go through. I also frequently do not receive texts until the phone has been restarted. People wonder why I don’t respond to their text messages when it’s because I haven’t received them until I restart my phone. I had brought in my phone to my carrier (Sprint) about a month ago but they said my problems with texting should be resolved in a day or two because they were upgrading their 4G tower. It was never resolved.  

When I have a strong signal and a 4G connection my GPS doesn’t always work or re-route when necessary.  

The volume for ‘Music, video, games and other media’, will sometimes not work. It’s usually on mute, but when I do want to turn it up it’s not an option. Restarting the phone is the only thing that resolves it. Same with the volume on my alarm clock. Once in a blue moon the volume will not work on the alarm on some mornings.

Even my email is wonky. I can’t access old emails in my saved folders. After the upgrade I couldn’t access any emails because for some reason the sync button had disappeared, but a rep at my carrier’s store finally figured it out.

Overall I wish my phone had never been upgraded. The two most basic things my phone should do (make calls and send/receive text messages) don’t work consistently. It doesn’t matter where I am either. This is just not a problem in my home and cannot be blamed on one cell tower/location. This is no matter where I am with my phone. This is now a phone that I am beginning to loath (compared to loving it the first 3 months I had it…because it worked)! — Kierstin

A: That’s a lot of problems for a phone. After the update if you’re experiencing two or three problems, don’t wait for the phone to fix itself because it wouldn’t happen. Rather, perform factory reset immediately to prevent the problem from affecting other features of your phone. With all these problems you listed, I’m pretty sure there are others you haven’t discovered yet. We can try to fix each of these problems but I’m afraid we cannot fix them for good.

Factory reset will delete all data saved in your phone. It would also bring the phone back to its optimal settings. But be warned you will lose data including your personal files saved in your phone’s memory. So, back them up before doing this.

#7. Galaxy Note 3 recording apps stopped

Q: I have updated my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 LTE from Android 4.3 to Android 4.4.2 and all call recording apps stopped working. Did you know when Samsung fix this problem (audio drivers)? — Jim

A: I don’t think it’s a Samsung problem, it’s with the apps you’re using. The immediate remedy is to clear both cache and data of the recording apps you’re using. If that doesn’t work, then those apps aren’t compatible with Android 4.4 KitKat yet. Their respective developers should release updates to make them compatible with the latest OS and that’s beyond our reach.

#8. Some Galaxy Note 3 apps stop working

Q: Hi, I have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I recently installed a 64 GB micro SD card and install some apps on it from my phone now random apps are crashing when I launch them some of them are on the SD card some of them are not some of them are just installed the on the phone and I am getting a error when trying to launch the app “unfortunately, app name has stopped” sometimes this is right after I installed the new app. What do I do now?

A: You make this sound like it’s a generic problem, it could have been much helpful if you included names of apps that were crushing so I could check what their problem really is. The immediate solution is, of course, to clear their caches and data. If that doesn’t work, I’m afraid you’ll have to perform factory reset.

#9. Galaxy Note 3 starts hanging, rebooting

Q: Dear, good morning. I’m using Note 3 LTE model since 4 months but now suddenly my phone started hanging and switched off/on frequently. Please suggest what can I do to resolve this problem. Thanks, Tanveer.

A: There should be something that’s causing this problem and that’s what you need to find out. Now, to narrow the problem down, boot it to Safe Mode. Observe if it still reboots or hangs while in that state.

If the phone is stable in Safe mode, it means one of the apps you installed is causing the problem. Try to open each app and the one that will cause the reboot should be disabled or uninstalled.

#10. Galaxy Note 3 auto-focus is shaky

Q: Hello droid guy! I came across your article on the Web today on correcting the note 3 glitches and errors and was quite impressed on your knowledge. I’m hoping maybe you can help my problem out with the camera. The auto focus seems to be very shaky but when I smack the camera with my hand it corrects it. This can be very bothersome. Thank you, Shaq.

A: I encountered this problem with the Galaxy S3 before (it wasn’t my phone though). When you take a picture, the phone will attempt to focus on the subject but it takes time to do so or more often can’t focus at all. Slapping the phone while aimed at the subject will lock the sensor. I ended up replacing the camera sensor because it was apparently a hardware issue. So, Shaq, you better have your phone checked by a technician and see if he can fix it by doing some light adjustments on the sensor. If not, then you’re obliged to buy a camera sensor and have it replaced.

#11. Can’t update Galaxy Note 3

Q: Hi Harold! I have not been able to update to the latest 4.4.2 version as I always get an error. Ever since it rolled-out in the Philippines I had problems updating. I am able to download the update but when the phone reboots to install it always fails at around 30 to 35% and tells me update failed and to try Kies instead. I went to a Samsung store and they said they could update it for me for a fee but will also have to wipe out my phone’s contents. Any other way you can help me update or troubleshoot this issue without having to wipe out apps and my phone’s content? Is the 4.4 update worth it or is it okay if I stay with 4.3. This rooting and Kies thing is all Greek to me. I am locked with a postpaid plan but got my Note 3 from a 3rd party vendor and not my phone’s service provider. Thank you. I hope you can help me. — Eric

A: So, apparently an update is already available for your phone but it just cannot finish installing it. You don’t need to root your phone just to update it, no. The other alternative is the KIES. Basically, it is a program you need to download and install on your computer. When installed, connect your phone to your computer using the original USB cable that came with the box. Once connected, Samsung KIES will detect your phone and you can pull down updates using the program and install it to your phone. More information about KIES can be found here. I understand it may all new to you but that’s the last option that’s left. If you will let Samsung reps do the update for you, they will naturally perform factory reset.

#12. Galaxy Note 3 can’t get good coverage

Q: Hi I have a Note 3 n9005 and it was running perfectly until it stopped picking up signal from my service provider, I can use wifi and I tried my SIM card in another phone and it worked, I tried everything and talked to everybody and the best possible solution I got was to change my motherboard and we all know I might as well buy a new phone (which I had no choice to do), I really don’t know why it stopped picking up signal all of a sudden, other than I use to keep my phone in my pants pocket most of the time but now I have a belt clip for the new note 3, can you give me any suggestions as to why it stopped working and any other idea to fix it? Thanks in advance.

A: I don’t know how they knew that you need to replace the motherboard to fix a coverage issue. The last time I checked, one of the best solution for this kind of problem is to remove the battery for a minute, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Once the battery is in place and the phone on, it should start connecting to a network.

If that fails, however, you still have factory reset to help you bring the phone back to its original settings. Based on your message, I’m sure you don’t have any idea why this happened. So, the hard reset is the most logical troubleshooting procedure you could do.

#13. Galaxy Note 3 receives text messages twice

Q: Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone which I love until last week. It said it needed updated. After I updated it, when I receive a message, I receive it twice, one through messaging and one through Go SMS Pro. I went to my settings and set it to only receive and send messages through the normal messaging but every time I try to send or receive a message it says it must go through SMS Pro and if I change the setting to SMS Pro (which it asks me to do on each message I receive or send now) I am unable to use my Samsung features with messaging. I want SMS Pro off my phone but it will not go away. I’ve taken the battery out and tried restarting it but did not affect the outcome. Any suggestions? Please respond to [email deleted for privacy purposes]. Thank you.

A: The reason why you’re receiving duplicate messages is because you’re using two messaging app. I don’t know what you mean when you said “I want SMS Pro off my phone but it will not go away” but here’s how you uninstall it:

  1. Tap the Menu key and then tap Settings.
  2. Select General and tap on Application manager.
  3. Swipe across to All.
  4. Tap on SMS Pro.
  5. Tap on Uninstall.
  6. Tap Ok.
  7. Once the application has been removed tap Ok.

Alternatively, you can uninstall an application by:

  1. From the Home screen, select All Applications.
  2. Tap on the Downloaded Apps tab.
  3. Tap the Menu key and select Uninstall.
  4. Tap SMS Pro then select Ok.

I hope this helps.

#14. Galaxy Note 3 multi-window problem

Q: Hi, I’m having a lot of issues of which a minor issue is that the multi window function works for a while but then the side tab disappears later on. It happens everyday. To get it back I swipe the notification window unselect multi window then select it. It issue happened before the recent update and is still happening as I’m typing. Regards, Azra.

A: It’s just a minor glitch with the Flash Bar service on your Note 3. Clearing its cache and data will solve this problem. However, you will lose your customization as well as icons of apps you already setup to appear in it. But here’s how you fix it: go to Settings > General > Application manager > All > find and tap on it > Clear Cache > Clear Data > OK.

#15. Android system crashes on Galaxy Note 3

Q: Hi, thanks for all the solutions your are providing us. I’m having a problem with my Note 3 for the last couple of months after upgrading to Kitkat 4.4.2. Without any prior notice the network of my phone suddenly drops and shows me a notification “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” After pressing ‘ok’, the network comes back with a delay of maximum 10 seconds. Sometimes it happens for consecutive 3 or 4 times. It even happened when I was in some calls and they immediately got disconnected. I’m really worried. I took a screen shot last time and I’m attaching that with this mail for your better understanding. Please help me out. Thanks a lot in advance! Regards, Mashuk.

A: It’s actually the Android system that crashes. It will never stop reappearing until you rectify and there’s only one thing I think could fix this–factory reset. Backup all your data and perform hard reset through the Recovery Mode. But before you do that, wipe the cache partition first. That should take care of it.

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