Could this be Samsung’s next Tizen smartphone?

Samsung Tizen

The Samsung Z smartphone was unveiled earlier this month, officially making it the first smartphone to come with its homegrown Tizen operating system. And a new leak coming courtesy of the FCC has given us a glimpse of an early prototype of the smartphone with an entirely different design. It seems like the handset leaked here is nothing but the ZeQ 9000 which was initially believed to be the first Tizen smartphone from the company, until the Samsung Z was announced.

One of the key factors for ditching this in favor of the Z could be the design as Samsung was striving to make its Tizen offerings stand out from the Android devices that it launches on regular intervals. The Samsung Z was impressive as far as design was concerned, but offered nothing extraordinary in the hardware department.

It’s good to get a glimpse of what might have been, with Samsung ultimately choosing to go in a different direction. The device also has carrier branding on it, so we’re guessing the design was changed at the very last minute. Do you like what Samsung did with the Z or would you have preferred something like this?

Source: FCC

Via: Phone Arena

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