Samsung makes its Milk Music service available for select Galaxy tablets

Samsung makes its Milk Music service available for select Galaxy tablets

In the face of more popular streaming services like Spotify, Samsung’s Milk Music service might not achieve the popularity the company is expecting despite its marketing might and multimillion user base. However, with the latest update to the Milk Music app, Samsung is making sure that a few more people can actually access the service – Milk Music is now available for selected Galaxy tablets, after a couple of months of exclusivity to phones.

The supported tablets include the new Galaxy Tab PRO and Galaxy Note PRO lineup, and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Considering all of these tablets are high-end tablets that cost an arm and leg, they aren’t exactly the best example of expanding support, but it shouldn’t be long before Samsung starts making more of its tablets compatible, especially if it hopes to see Milk Music become a bigger force than it currently is.

The updated version of Milk Music is now available on the Play Store. As a reminder, Milk Music is a free service with more than 13 million tracks available for streaming, with features such as the ability to make personalized stations from tracks, syncing of stations between various Samsung devices, and an ad-free experience, at least for the time being.

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