Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors and Solutions [Part 17]

All Samsung Galaxy Note 3 problems and questions we addressed came from our readers. They emailed us asking for help and posts like this is our way of answering them. There were, however, people who emailed us speculating how problematic this device is considering the number of posts we were running for months now. If you try to read every segment of this series, you’ll know that majority of the problems are the same but worded differently.

Many owners are still learning about their device so when they encountered a problem or two, they immediately seek assistance and since there are very few websites that offer this free service without registration, they can easily find and contact us. So, as long as there are people who email us, we will continue publishing posts like this.

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If you have concerns with your phone, whatever the brand is, as long as it is Android, email us at and we will try to answer every email and include them in our future posts. We also have a Facebook page that we also use to cater the needs of our readers.

Delete contacts from SIM card on Note 3

Q: Nobody can tell me how to clear or clean off my SIM card. I need to re save my contacts and I get a message that the cards full? Help! Thanks, Sue.

A: Deleting contacts from SIM card is as easy as deleting ones that are saved in the phone’s memory. Please follow these steps:

  1. On your Galaxy Note 3, launch the Contacts app.
  2. Tap the Menu button and select Contacts to display.
  3. On the Contacts to display screen, select SIM.
  4. Now, tap the Menu button again and select Delete.
  5. Now, you can either Select all or any individual contacts you want to delete.
  6. Tap Delete and if you’re prompted for a confirmation, click OK.

Note 3 has bad IMEI, reported lost or stolen

Q: Hi I bought a Galaxy Note 3 off the street and it has now been blacklisted aka reported lost or stolen so it has a bad IMEI number, is there a way to fix this?

A: The phone may have been lost and then found by somebody else who sold it to you. The owner called the service provider, which in turn blacklisted the phone from the system to prevent it from using the service. To answer your question literally, well, there’s nothing to fix simply because the phone doesn’t have a problem whatsoever. But to answer your ‘other’ question, yes, it can be removed from the blacklist. However, we cannot help you with that due to legalities. You may need to find a local technician or a friend who knows how to work around this issue.

Note 3 Wi-Fi drops most of the time

Q: Since day 1 my Note 3 has been dropping wifi connections. It’s so frustrating especially since the phone is so great. This problem really does leave me cursing at the phone. I’ve tried many workarounds but same results, wifi cuts out for about 2-4 seconds and reconnects but my browser shuts down and the phone gets very difficult to use while it disconnects and reconnects. I have 5 other devices running off wifi and all work perfectly fine. We have a good fios connection with 50 over 50 and speed tests consistently come up with those results. Since I wrote this email wifi dropped 5 times. I live in an area where I have poor cell phone signal so I rely on wifi quite heavily. Please let me know if you heard anything from Samsung on a possible update to fix this. — Adam

A: Adam, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this problem since day 1, it is obvious the unit itself is problematic and these problems will just become worse in the long run. So, while you still can, have the phone replaced immediately. There’s no point is troubleshooting problems that are already present in the phone out of the box.

Can’t see Sent Items via the Email app

Q: Hi there! I’ve been using my Note 3 for about 3 months now. I switched from apple to Samsung, and honestly have no regrets about it until yesterday. I realised on one of my Gmail accounts, I was unable to see any mails in my “sent items”. I’ve deleted the account and re-set up again, but it just doesn’t work. When I checked the same account using another app, everything was fine. I’m not using the Gmail app though. The problem is probably the app, email. but I’ve been trying to look for an update for it, to find that it isn’t even on my downloaded app list. Really appreciate your help since this “email” app is so hassle-free and easy to use.

A: Sent items are stored locally. So, when you setup your email account on a computer and used it to send a message from there, the sent item will be viewable on your computer. If you setup your account on your phone, that sent item will not be downloaded together with messages from the inbox. However, if you log in to webmail, you can view all sent items in there regardless which device you used to send them. Whatever you do on the Email app, you can never view sent items sent from other devices. Also, the reason why the Email app isn’t found in the Downloaded app list is because you never downloaded it; it comes with the phone pre-installed.

Note 3 drops coverage

Q: Hello, I have this problem lately where sometimes I’m out of service and sometimes not .. I don’t know of the problem is from the phone or the SIM card. The problem started after I did factory rest … because I wasn’t able to update to 4.4 kitkat. I want to mention that my SIM card wasn’t a micro SIM .. but I went to a place to cut it when I brought my phone 4 months ago (but the problem didn’t start until I did a factory reset). Thanks in advance.

A: I’m not sure how frequent the phone drops out of service but I think it’s more of a network problem than anything else. The best way to start your troubleshooting is to call your service provider or carrier and ask them the quality of service they offer in your area. You may proceed in doing troubleshooting with their representatives over the phone just to rule out the possibility that it is a network issue. Then, you can proceed to doing the factory reset again and attempt to update your device over the air or by using the Samsung KIES. Do that first and if all those procedures wouldn’t work, email us again detailing every step you did. Make this post a reference so you don’t have to explain yourself again.

Note 3 IMEI deleted

Q: Hi, I just wanted to know if you can help. I’ve got a note 3 from which the IMEI has got deleted. Any way you know the problem can be sorted out. I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks. — Muhammed

A: An IMEI is assigned to a device that uses a service in a certain carrier or service provider. The IMEI is the very identification of the device and is registered to in the system. Some devices are locked to a network disallowing you to use the device on other networks. I don’t know where you bought the phone but if you had it from third-parties, you’ve been ripped off. There’s no other way to work around this but to use the phone under the same network it was originally registered with.

I know a couple of developers who can change or restore the IMEI so the device can be used again or get service from a network but it is illegal. Just for the sake of legalities, we cannot help you with it.

Note 3 pictures corrupted

Q: Good morning the Droid Guy. A problem I am having with my Note 3 phone is my pictures get ‘per say corrupted’. I read your page where you answers to other people problems with their Note 3s. And I’ve tried changing my MircoSD, and formatting it to Fat32. I tried 3 times on 3 different cards and I still get the gray little box with the crack in it or I get half the photo and the another half is gray. Can you please help me thanks. — Niita

A: Yes, I suggested that whenever this problem happens and the microSD card is corrupted, you format the card to FAT32 format but I didn’t say you’ll recover photos stored in the microSD card before you reformatted. So, the images that those icons represent can’t be recovered. If you want to get rid of those icons, clear the cache and data of the gallery app.

I actually received a lot of emails ranting about losing their files stored in their microSD card because it was corrupted. So let me answer those emails here:

First of all, your microSD card is already corrupted and your phone cannot read from it. At this stage, there is a big possibility that your data are already lost…and it’s not our fault!

Secondly, I always suggest you take your microSD card off your phone, insert it into a reader and have your computer or laptop read from it. If your computer can read from it, then copy all your files from it to your computer. However, if your computer prompts that you need to reformat the card, it means the machine cannot read from it, too. At this point, you have two options: leave the microSD be or proceed to reformatting it. You’re wrong, very wrong, if you think we are to blame that you lost all your data because your computer cannot read from the card.

Third, if you already reformatted your microSD card without making a backup of your data, there is no way you can recover them. After you inserted the card back to your phone and the “broken images” icons are still there, it’s because the gallery app is still storing data that points it to the previous location of the images. But since they’re not there already, the default “not found” icon for images is displayed in place of the actual thumbnails. To get rid of them, clear the cache and data of the gallery.

Fourth, clearing the cache and data of the Gallery app will never delete any of your images. Pictures are saved in a specific location after the camera took them. The job of the gallery app is to manage those photos, cache thumbnails, sort them, and sync with online (cloud) storage. So, for those who emailed blaming us that we are the reason why you lost your images for not giving heads up (and calling us stupid), you’re barking at the wrong tree. If you’re looking for someone to blame, look at the mirror.

Reboot fixes text messaging issues

Q: I just found your article “How To Fix T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Errors”… I have a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3, and my issue was, I could only receive text messages when I was connected to wifi but I could send text and make/receive calls on both the network and wifi… In the article you refer to this type of issue as a network issue and to contact T-Mobile… But I do not think it is a network issue… Since, I followed your directions (holding up volume, home key, and power) to enter reboot mode… when I did a system reboot and my phone turned back on, I started receiving all my text messages I missed today… just wanted to let you know and maybe you can look into it more. Thanks, Ashley.

A: Text messaging and phone calls are the very foundation of mobile communication. With or without internet you can have these on your phone. So, if you can’t send/receive or make/receive calls, the problem is either with the network or the phone. In your case, it seems that it was a temporary phone problem that can be solved by a simple reboot. May it be a lesson to other users out there; reboots often helps restore default settings on the phone so if you have issues, restart your device before doing anything else. I also want to add that the solutions we provide are based on what our readers description of the problem and there is no way we would know what really happened to the phone.

Phone screen turns off immediately

Q: Hello! I am a thankful for your guide of fixes for this device. This a great phone and have not experienced any issues but one in particular that I just can’t seem to find in your list. I am using att version of the note 3, no root just stock everything. I have a screen protector that’s made by skinomi, the problem is when I get a phone call it automatically turns the screen off as if it is near my face but not. I have to manually turn the screen on and off while taking a call to interact. I have tried the troubleshoot by dialing certain digits and the reading shows that the proximity sensor is always showing that something is in front of the phone.. Is this a manufacturing issue? Is there a fix? App fix? Thanks in advance.. Oh BTW I have gone to settings and checked and unchecked the area concerning the proximity sensor.. Thanks so much.

A: This problem is the as when the phone screen won’t light up after the call. Thank your for providing the details and the cause is obvious–dirt in the hole where the proximity sensor is. And the solution is also obvious, a blast of compressed air in the whole. There is no way an app can fix this, so go with compressed air.

Phone’s screen blacks out, device won’t respond

Q: Hi, isn’t there any diagnostic tool available as to pinpoint where is the problem. My device is unstable. It heats up and then the display goes off and just the sound works and sometimes it comes back after pressing the power button and then the home button. Not sure how to really tackle with this issue. Thanks a lot for handling tons of questions. I wish we should have had a diagnostic tool to pinpoint the exact problem. Please do let me know if you have any info on that. Thanks again. — Burhan

A: No, there isn’t any tool designed to pinpoint what causes the problem especially hardware issues. Based on things you specified in your email, I think the problem is hardware-related. While we want to help you with the problem, there’s only so much we can do about hardware issues and reason is obvious–we cannot inspect the phone physically. So, bring the phone back to the store and have their tech take a look at it. Or, if there’s a certified Samsung technician in your area, he could help you with this.

Note 3 takes photos so long

Q: When taking pictures with my note 3 using the stock photo app, sometimes it will say “processing” with a load bar before the picture is saved. When I click the picture button (or say shoot), the shutter sound plays, the white boarder is seen briefly around the screen (I guess emphasizing a picture has just been taken) and a message that says “processing” shows up with a load bar that lasts about 1-2 seconds. When this happens, the picture doesn’t actually get saved until the end of the load bar. My wife has a galaxy s 4 and it does the same thing. Could this be something to do with the memory card im using (32gb) and the fact that I have my pictures sent to the card and not the phone? I will say that it doesn’t do this all the time, but its been happening more often. Its really annoying when your trying to get as many pictures at on time and you only wind up getting about one picture every 2 or 3 seconds. The help page for the note 3 is great. Thank you for helping us all out. — Chris

A: I never encountered this problem before but the best course of action to take is to bring the Camera app back to its default settings and see what happens. To do that, you just need to clear both the cache and data. After doing that, try to take a picture and see if the problem still happens. If so, boot to safe mode and take photos from there. If the problem is still present while in Safe Mode, the problem is with the settings of the phone’s camera app. At this point, turn off Smart Stabilization.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Launch the Camera app.
  3. Now tap the Settings icon.
  4. Choose Smart Stabilization and turn it off.

That should take care of the problem. I’m sorry I have to let you go through all that but I just don’t want to cause further problems so I made sure the problem wasn’t caused by any third-parties.

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