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Samsung expecting sales of the Galaxy S5 to fall in Q3 2014


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the company’s premier flagship of the year and has been widely successful across the globe as sales figures have suggested. However, the emergence of the likes of the LG G3 might have put a damper on Samsung’s plans a little.

New reports are suggesting that the company has slashed orders of the Galaxy S5 components by up to 25% for the third quarter of the year which is now estimated to be just 15 million units. This is a 6 million reduction in supply compared to the current quarter, which is indicative of the diminishing demand for the company’s flagship product.

Samsung is apparently concerned that a lot of people are holding off on buying its product in anticipation of the upcoming large sized Apple iPhone which is expected for a September release. Rivals like LG aren’t making things any easier for Samsung either.

The orders of the Galaxy S4 components have been reportedly slashed to five million down from six million this quarter, which is expected as it’s an year old product. Perhaps Samsung can gain attention in the market yet again by launching the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F with a 2K resolution display. But since it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s hard to tell if it actually exists.

Source: UDN – Translated

Via: Phone Arena

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