Rok Mobile Is A Mobile Carrier And Digital Music Service Coming This July 4

A new MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is about to become available this July 4 which is unlike other similar mobile service providers such as Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, or Republic Wireless. Aside from offering the unlimited calls, text, and data package the network is also offering unlimited access to its 20 million song catalog.

Rok Mobile basically combines the business model of MVNO companies with the business model of streaming music companies such as Spotify. The company will basically be offering a single plan with one price that will already come with unlimited calls, texts, and data. Customers will also be getting unlimited access to streaming music without signing up for a plan with another company. This makes it simple for music lovers to stream their favorite tunes on their smartphones without worrying of excess charges.

Right now though Rok Mobile has not disclosed how much its plan is going to cost. If customers find that it’s cheaper to simply sign up for a Straight Talk plan and then subscribe to Spotify to get unlimited calls, texts, data, as well as streaming music then the company will have a problem. Hopefully it will be cheaper.

The company founders are Jonathan Kendrick and John Paul DeJoria.  Their vision is to target the huge market potential of mobile music and online streaming. Customers who own a smartphone and love to listen to music but are hesitant to pay any additional fees to purchase a song or an album are going to be the main customers. While there may be dedicated streaming music services available they either come with ads for the free version or a monthly fee will have to be paid for the premium version. This is what the company aims to change.

Kendrick says that music should be a basic feature for any mobile internet service. The essential component of the service is its Rok’s music app which was developed in-house. This app allows its customers to search for any song they want to play, create playlists, or download music for listening later on when no data connection is present. A web app is also being developed so customers can access the service from a browser.

What’s also interesting to know is that the Rok’s music app will not be tied to the company’s smartphones. Instead, it will be available over at the Google Play Store or iTunes as a free download. Anyone can get the app on their device and enjoy a 14-day free trial subscription. If customers would want to continue using the service then they will have to subscribe to a Rok Mobile plan. This is a great way to have people test out their service before committing to it.

As far as device availability, the company will be offering several mid-range and high-end Android models. It’s also in talks with two major carriers, one GSM and one CDMA, to make its service available to a broader audience. While the company hasn’t disclosed what the carriers are we can guess that it’s T-Mobile and Sprint.

Will Rok Mobile be a success? This will depend on its pricing and how well customers receive its service.

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