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Red Pebble On Sale For Just $119


If you’ve been holding off on buying a Pebble, today is a good day to buy one. Both Best Buy and Amazon have the original Red model for $119. You don’t even need an education discount at Best Buy.

There’s no information on how long this deal will last so if you want the Red Pebble, you should act now. This deal comes right after the recent 2.2 firmware update that lets you control your phone’s music volume on the music screen and change the order of apps on your main screen.

Although, the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch are coming soon, since both companies said that their smart watches will be out by the end of Q2. That ends later this month. Especially with the recent leaks of both watches, it looks like Pebble is falling behind a little, despite having essentially invented the category.

Even though newer and more capable smart watches are coming soon, are you still interested in buying a Pebble?

Source: Best Buy, Amazon via Android Central

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