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Protestors Get Into The Google I/O Keynote

Google IO

Today during Google’s I/O keynote, a few protestors managed to get into the room. They appear to be part of the “Occupy Google” protest group, which protests Google, and by proxy Silicon Valley, for supposedly making it impossible for people not in the tech sector to live in the Bay Area.


The first protestor claimed that Google lawyer Jack Halprin is trying to get her evicted from her home using the California law known as the “Ellis Act.” The Ellis Act allows landlords in California to remove tenants from their place of residence in order to “go out of business.” After a few quick seconds though, the woman was removed from Moscone.

The keynote was quite for another hour after that until another protestor suddenly stood up. He did not talk about getting evicted though and claimed that Google is “totalitarian” and that it is “making robots that kill people” for the NSA. After also shouting that all the people in the room should “wake the f*** up,” he also left.

Both of these protests appear to be part of the larger “Occupy Google” group, which has planned a large-scale protest outside Moscone that will begin at 12 PM PDT, presumably after the keynote. There are already people that lined up to protest at around 10:30 AM PDT.

Other than the protestors though, it was a good, if long, keynote. All the changes Google is making in Android and breaking out into new categories with wearables and television seem like great improvements to the ecosystem.

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