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OnePlus One receives average repairability score in iFixit’s teardown

OnePlus One Teardown

The OnePlus One is known for its flagship level hardware and the low price tag, considering users are able to get their hands on an invite. And today, a new teardown by iFixit reveals that the smartphone is not meant for home repairs as some components are glued together closely making it quite difficult to dislodge them. The team has given the device an average repairability score of 5/10.

The smartphone’s battery in particular appears to be fixed with an adhesive along with a few cables attached to it. This means you cannot replace the battery at your will, which might be a deal breaker for a few out there. This is particularly confusing for the customers as it has a removable back cover but no removable battery.

However, thanks to iFixit’s teardown, users can now remove and dislodge the components of the OnePlus One without breaking anything. This 21 part process can be viewed in its entirety from the link below.

Source: iFixit

Via: Android Community

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