OnePlus One delayed yet again due to issues with CyanogenMod

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One runs on a skinned version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat developed by the Cyanogen team. Dubbed as the CyanogenMod 11S, this is perhaps the most advanced version of CM you will come across. However, the OS seems to be suffering with some bug which has caused delays in shipping. Some bugs were reportedly spotted on the device, so the company feels it is wise to resolve them before shipping it out to the consumers.

The statement issued by OnePlus says the following – “As we previously mentioned, the software recently received a major update but we are still working on perfecting some final issues. For that reason, we can’t yet confirm the exact date that the phone will ship. We are tirelessly working to make the One the phone you’ve been waiting for and so we’re going to hold off until we know that everything runs smoothly before sending them off.”

OnePlus has faced innumerable delays in the past, but this time it seems like the company isn’t at fault, not to our knowledge at least. There’s no word on how long it could take OnePlus and the Cyanogen team to resolve these issues, so customers might have to wait for a while.

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