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“Ok Google” voice commands can now work from any screen

Google Now Update

Google Now is known for its nifty voice search feature which is triggered when the user says “Ok Google”. Google recently enhanced this feature by bringing this to the homescreen in addition to the Google Now homepage. And a new server side update to Google Search takes this even further by enabling the “Ok Google” hotword detection from any screen, including the lockscreen.

The update is being rolled out to particular accounts and isn’t enabled by an update to the Search app, so even if you have the latest version of Google Search, you might not see this feature. But you can download the update below and try your luck anyways.

With this new addition, users will be able to access Google Now even when their phone is locked, although this feature only works if the device is being charged. The ability to enable voice search from the lockscreen is also a nifty feature to have. Depending on your geographical location, it might take a while for the update to reflect on every device out there, so remain patient.

Apk Download link: Google Search version

Via: Android Police

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