Nokia Z Launcher is the latest predictive Android launcher in town

Nokia Z Launcher

Nokia is known to be working on Android since the Nokia X was announced. The company is now looking to enter the custom launcher fray as well which is dominated by Nova, Go Launcher etc. Known as the Nokia Z Launcher, this is expected to come with the usual suite of features you’d expect from a predictive custom launcher as it can learn from the usage pattern of the owner.

It will highlight apps which are most used depending on the time of the day, so that you don’t have to navigate individually to an app every time you unlock the smartphone. Predictive launchers have a clever AI and can tailor based on the users needs specifically. The app is in beta at the moment, and you will need to sign up in order to download it on your device. The link is at the bottom, so make sure you give it a go. Nokia claims that the launcher will be made available to all by the end of the year.

One cool thing about the Nokia Z Launcher is the ability to just scribble the first alphabet of an app you’re looking for within the lockscreen to get a list of apps containing that particular letter. You can watch a brief demo of the Nokia Z Launcher in the promo video uploaded by the company below.

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Via: Android Central