New YouTube Update Lets You Select The Streaming Quality

YouTube Logo

We have all probably used YouTube and it’s especially annoying when due to either their discretion or low network quality to have to watch a non-HD video. You already could manually choose between HD and non-HD quality, but you couldn’t specifically pick which quality you wanted. Now you can.

This feature has actually been on the iOS version of the YouTube app for some time, so it’s nice to see Google now bring it to Android. As you can see, you can select from 144p quality all the way up to 720p.

It’s rather strange that YouTube videos can’t be viewed in 1080p though, especially since almost all new devices have either 1080p or even 2K displays with the LG G3. Maybe that could come in a future update.

As this is a Google app, it’s currently on a staged rollout. You can either wait to receive it or you can download the APK here. It looks like a great update to the app.

Source: Google Play via Android Police