The new Jolla Launcher gives Android users a taste of the Sailfish OS

Jolla smartphone specifications

Jolla released its Sailfish OS running smartphone not too long ago. However, the smartphone hasn’t picked up pace the way it was supposed to. And as the company prepares for a wider rollout of the smartphone, the development team has come up with a clever idea to give Android users a chance to try out Jolla OS with the new Jolla Launcher app.

As you guessed by now, this is a custom launcher app and resembles the Sailfish OS as you would expect, but it is programmed to work with Android and its apps. This is an alpha version of the launcher, which means it won’t be free from glitches. So testers will have to specify every little issue known to them so that the team can sort it out as soon as possible.

Sailfish OS is a variation of the now extinct MeeGo OS which was developed by a bunch of ex-Nokia employees. While actual devices might take some time to reach our hands, it’s good to know that Jolla wants users to get a feel of its new OS with a dedicated launcher for Android. You can find all the required details from the source link below.

Source: Jolla

Via: Android and Me

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