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Motorola’s abandoned XOOM 3 tablet spotted in photos

XOOM 3 Front

A new leak has revealed what could have been a third iteration of the Motorola XOOM tablet. This device was reportedly abandoned midway due to unknown reasons, but a new leak is showing us exactly what the device looked like. This tells us that the XOOM 3 possibly came very close to being officially revealed by the manufacturer.

The tablet bears resemblance to the recently launched Droid smartphones with its Kevlar coating on the back prominently visible. It is also revealed that the tablet carries an ultra thin form factor and runs an older version of Android, possibly Jelly Bean. There’s not much to tell apart from this, but it seems like the company’s acquisition by Lenovo had something to do with it. The device appears to have Verizon branding on the back as well, so it was certainly going to be a DROID Xyboard device.

XOOM 3 Back

After the continued failures in the tablet segment with the XOOM as well as the XOOM 2, it was only a matter of time before Motorola took the logical route and decided to step out once and for all. But this new revelation indicates that the company is still hopeful of striking the perfect balance of hardware and software with a tablet. A combination of Moto X like hardware with a stock Android ROM certainly sounds pretty promising, doesn’t it?

XOOM 3 Front - 1

Source: Google+

Via: Droid-Life

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