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Motorola Assist Gets New Home Mode In Latest Update


Motorola Assist has so far been very helpful to users who have the latest Motorola devices in the Driving, Meeting, and Sleeping modes. Now with the latest update, Motorola is introducing a new “Home” mode.

In the new Home mode, your device will automatically announce incoming callers and new text messages if you allow it to. This sounds like a great feature if you leave your phone plugged in inside another room and you temporarily walk into another. Now you’ll know who’s calling and texting instead of the standard ringtones.

Motorola also says they’ve improved the Driving mode to have better detection of if you are driving. They are using the built-in microphones to listen for sounds from the road or your car.

According to Droid Life, Motorola Assist also has new features to learn your habits, just like Google Now. If you opt into the program, your Motorola ID will be used to determine your habits and data. It will be used to help Motorola “create useful new features and functions.”

All in all, this sounds like a great update for Motorola Assist. If you have a device capable of Motorola Assist, go ahead and grab the update from Google Play.

Source: Google Play via Droid Life

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