Moto X 32GB two-day $349 deal is now live

Moto X 32GB two-day $349 deal is now live

Motorola is now selling the 32GB model of the Moto X for $349, in a deal the company announced yesterday. As with other recent Moto X deals, the $100 discount includes the option to customize the Moto X before ordering without any additional charges. The deal will be live till Thursday, 11:59PM ET, so you have a few hours to decide if the Moto X is a phone you’re willing to buy.

The phone will work with all four major carriers. Of course, with the Moto X’s successor to be rumored to be launching this summer, getting a new Moto X isn’t exactly the best thing you could spend $349 on, but with the phone still offering a premium experience and getting updated to Android 4.4.3 this week, it’s not exactly a bad device to purchase either. The decision is yours, and you can grab the phone from the source link if you desire.

Source: Motorola

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