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Minuum working on a compact keyboard for the Moto 360

Minuum Moto 360

Minuum is known for its compact sized keyboards on Android, with one of its recent ventures involving the development of a dedicated keyboard for the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. It seems like the developers are ready to take this further with the upcoming Android Wear smartwatches as well. The makers of Minuum have posted a GIF showing us a new keyboard on the Moto 360. We’re yet to ascertain if this will come to fruition given the circular shape of the Moto 360, but the developers appear to have a viable plan in mind.

Whenever the user needs to type, the keyboard basically shrinks itself and spreads across at the bottom of the display with word suggestions appearing on top. However, considering that the bottom of the Moto 360 has a black bar, some alphabets like ‘B’ and ‘V’ will be missing from the list.  We’re not sure if Minuum is aware of that, which could prove to be a major flaw in the keyboard’s design. However, this is merely a concept at this point and we’re sure the developers will iron out all these issues when the time arrives.

What do you think of this circular keyboard? Also, are you particularly keen to type on a smartwatch given that you’ll be using just one hand?

Source: Minuum Blog

Via: Android Police

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