LG reportedly not in the running to make the next Nexus smartphone

LG has produced two great Nexus smartphones with the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5. And when asked if the company will be interested in a third Nexus smartphone, LG’s spokesperson Ken Hong has claimed that the company does not have a Nexus smartphone in the pipeline for this year.

Of course we’d expect something similar coming from a company executive, given how strict Google is about its devices and pre launch suspense. But considering that we haven’t seen Google stick with the same manufacturer for more than two Nexus smartphones, we are bound to take the spokesperson’s word seriously.

Google is expected to launch a premium line of Android smartphones known as “Android Silver“, which would mean the demise of the Nexus program. So those reports do hold some weight. But it’s hard to say anything for sure until November which is usually when the Nexus smartphones are refreshed.

If Google is indeed looking to replace LG as the manufacturer for its Nexus smartphones or Android Silver devices, who could the next candidate be? Will it be Samsung which is currently the top smartphone OEM in the world. Or will Google pick a company like HTC which could make a strong comeback with a Nexus smartphone of its own.

Source: DraadBreuk – Translated

Via: Phandroid