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LG officially announces support for Android Auto hardware

Android Auto

Korean manufacturer LG has officially announced support for Android Auto by joining Google’s Open Automotive Alliance. This will mean that by 2015, users will be able to see hardware with Android Auto for cars which don’t come with it by default. This could open a whole new segment of products with devices ranging from car audio systems to navigation units.

Since Android Auto is hardware independent, it will be interesting to see how LG will market its offering when the time arrives. But we might have to wait a while as it won’t come to fruition until 2015, which is when Android Auto based cars are officially expected to hit markets. After market accessories will only be available after that.

With LG joining the Open Automotive Alliance the list could get longer as other popular car audio manufacturers and tech giants will look to jump on the Android Auto bandwagon. Manufacturers like Audi and Volvo have already announced cars with support for Android Auto to arrive in early 2015.

Source: LG

Via: Android Beat

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