LG expected to ship 15-16 million smartphones this quarter


Q2 of 2014 is coming to an end this month and it seems like LG is on its way to registering decent quarterly results. A new report suggests that the company is expected to ship close to 15-16 million smartphones in the quarter ending this month. Undoubtedly, the LG G3 will be instrumental in recording those big numbers this quarter although it’s only available in South Korea at the moment.

The company has a barrage of other midrange devices in globalĀ markets which are doing relatively well along with the recently launched G Pro 2 phablet. So overall, it seems like the tides are changing slightly in LG’s favor. Roughly in terms of numbers though, this would mean a 20-30% increase in sales compared to the first quarter of 2014, so it’s certainly a good sign that the company is doing well.

If reports are accurate, LG will have to face significant competition from Samsung in the coming months which is expected to launch a QHD AMOLED smartphone called the Galaxy F. But LG clearly has the advantage of gettingĀ the head start in the QHD race.

Source: Digitimes