Google updates Hangouts with custom ringtones, hidden contact list, and more

Google updates Hangouts with custom ringtones, hidden contact list, and more

A Wednesday isn’t complete without Google pushing out an update to a few of its Android apps. Yesterday, the search giant updated its YouTube app, then followed it up by updating Hangouts as well. The Hangouts update’s most noticeable addition is the ability to set custom notifications tones for contacts, for both chat messages and video calls.

Other features introduced by the update include a unified SMS block list – SMS blocking itself isn’t new, but users can now access all their blocked numbers in one place. A similar new feature is the Hidden contacts menu in the profile settings for each account, letting one check out all the contacts that they may have hidden from the contacts list. The update also introduces a new button in the contact selection list, which will allow users to jump between a standard keyboard layout and a number pad, something that should come in handy for quickly search for numbers for sending an SMS.

The update is currently rolling out in the Play Store, but will take time to reach everyone owing to the phased nature of the rollout. Don’t worry though, if you’re not willing to wait around, you can grab the APK file from the link below and update manually, so that you can start taking advantage of the new features right away.

Download APK [Mirror]

Source: Android Police

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