Google Play Movies purchases now visible in the YouTube app

YouTube Play Movies

A new under the hood update by Google had enabled the ability to view your Play Movies purchases directly from the YouTube app. The app will now start showing any purchases you made in chronological order, making it even easier to navigate through content when you’re browsing through your favorite videos online.

There’s no official announcement from Google regarding this, so it seems like a fairly simple update, but a useful one nonetheless. It is yet to be ascertained if the update will reflect all over the world or if it’s U.S. only, but we’re guessing it will be visible in regions where Play Movies is officially available. Make sure you open the YouTube app and check if your Play Movies content is visible from the left side bar in a dedicated Purchases tab. Of course, users can also navigate through their library from the standalone Play Movies app and this is merely a viable alternative.

Have you seen this update yet? Let us know by dropping a line below.

Via: Android Police

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