Google officially announces Android L; available for developer devices later today

Android L

Just as Sundar Pichai mentioned yesterday, Google has officially unveiled Android L at the ongoing I/O event. Google traditionally names Android versions based on desserts, but it seems like they’re keeping the actual name a surprise for now. Unsurprisingly, Android L comes with a major UI overhaul with something Google is touting as Material Design. This gives developers deeper access to control various aspects of an application, including deeper color palettes and animations.

From the user standpoint, Google’s core apps will see a change as well. They demonstrated this on the new dialer app which isn’t quite dissimilar from the recently overhauled stock Android dialer, but there are some significant visual changes on board. Google also showed off Head Up Notifications which is essentially a do not disturb sort of a feature while you’re in an app or a game. Users will be notified with a message on top whenever there’s a call rather than occupying the entire screen. This is particularly beneficial when you’re within an app and don’t want to lose the progress due to the incoming call.

Google also spoke in lengths about Android Runtime and how it would affect performance in day-to-day usage. Keeping battery efficiency in mind, Project Volta was shown off which will check app usage and cleverly make your device more efficient. Android L will also have factory reset protection which allows users to erase and control the device in case of theft.

Google claims that Android L will start seeding to developer devices starting today, although no particular devices were mentioned. But given that the event is still going on, we expect Google to provide more information on that soon. Watch this space for more on Android L and all the goodies that it comes with.