Google Maps Reaches 1 Billion Downloads


With the Gmail app reaching 1 billion downloads mid last month, it was inevitable that more apps would reach that milestone soon. Now Google Maps has reached that milestone as well.


The app actually reached a billion downloads on May 28th, about two weeks ago. The counter is determined by the number of Google accounts that have downloaded it, not the number of devices. So if you downloaded it on both a phone and a tablet, it was only counted once.

Google Maps is by far one of the most versatile navigation options available for any platform and has gone through several major UI changes over the years, most recently in 2013. Here is a comparison between the Google Maps of old and new.

The app will always improve and Maps is continuing to expand since Google is now developing self-driving cars and Android powering existing cars. Do you use it or do you use a different service?

Via: Android Police